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Name Committee Role NWCG Member Agency Office Phone Email
Claypool, Glen Primary Member Bureau of Land Management 208-387-5160
Cox, Sean Primary Member Forest Service 520-202-2703
Keyes, Jimmy Primary Member Forest Service 707-237-0119
Owczarzak, Kim Chair Forest Service 231-775-8732
Blake, Tim NWCG Coordinator National Park Service
Curtis, Scott Primary Member Other 208-433-5000
Strohmeyer, Nicholas Primary Member National Park Service 208-387-5783
Violante, George Primary Member Bureau of Indian Affairs 906-978-6030
Mascheroni, Andre Advisor Bureau of Land Management 208-630-3771
Wilkie, Shara Advisor Bureau of Land Management 541-947-6315
Moore, Greg Primary Member Other 253-982-4608