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Name Committee Role NWCG Member Agency Office Phone Email
Wareham, Andrew Primary Member Other 907-334-5278
Kessler, Woody Associate Member Other 208-433-5090
Aidukas, Sean Primary Member Forest Service 916-956-3462
Giffen, Cheryl Support Staff Other 208-433-5022
Thomason, Carmen Acting NWCG Coordinator Bureau of Land Management 307-775-6020
Milone, Colin Associate Member Other 907-230-5037
Bruck, Louise Associate Member Other 208-433-5049
Alexander, Nathan Primary Member Forest Service 406-491-0878
Monette, Lukus Primary Member Other 412-937-2864
Greil, Thomas Primary Member Fish and Wildlife Service 559-203-2310
Leshuk, Tori Chair Forest Service 208-539-8502
Anderson, Ody Primary Member National Park Service 208-789-1006
Adams, Natalie Primary Member Other 720-614-1454
Spencer, Brandon Primary Member Bureau of Indian Affairs 406-696-5061
Faust, Lisa Primary Member Other 503-201-4322
Younger, Elizabeth Associate Member Forest Service 530-945-0166
Garcia, Gilbert Vice Chair Bureau of Land Management 907-388-3129
Henry, Jeremiah Primary Member Forest Service 984-327-5562
Touchette, Travis Other 208-869-7281