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Name Committee Role NWCG Member Agency Office Phone Email
Boehle, Tina Liaison National Park Service 208-387-5875
Broyles, Robyn Vice Chair Bureau of Indian Affairs 208-559-1187
Stevenson, Candice Primary Member National Park Service 208-387-5239
Lemons, Jan Alternate National Park Service 202-536-9071
Koele, Catherine Primary Member National Association of State Foresters 608-219-9075
Collins, Sean Primary Member International Association of Fire Chiefs 310-795-3075
Harris, Brian Primary Member Forest Service 208-634-6945
Freeman, Adrienne Primary Member National Park Service 209-742-3391
Greene, Kerry Primary Member Forest Service 530-226-2705
Barth, Chris Chair Bureau of Land Management 406-896-2977
Fleming, Deb NWCG Coordinator Bureau of Land Management 208-387-5745