National Wildfire Coordinating Group


Please use the NWCG Roster Update form to submit roster changes.

Name Committee Role NWCG Member Agency Office Phone Email
Butler, Corey Advisor Other 303-236-5953
McFarland, Mack Primary Member National Park Service 307-739-3364
Fransted, Eric Chair Fish and Wildlife Service 208-387-5210
O'Hara, Katy NWCG Coordinator National Park Service 208-387-5269
Woods, Kelly Advisor National Park Service 208-789-6093
Drinkwater, Darci Support Staff Forest Service 208-387-5699
Maclay-Schulte, David Advisor Forest Service 406-396-4919
Navarro, Kat Associate Member Other 303-236-5953
Phelps, Erin Primary Member Forest Service 208-271-6557
Myslivy, Jennifer Advisor Bureau of Land Management 208-387-5455
Jones, Darryl Primary Member National Association of State Foresters 803-896-8817
West, Molly Advisor Forest Service 406-829-6706
Smith, Ric Primary Member Other 301-447-1584
Blake, Tim Primary Member Bureau of Land Management 208-387-5434
Proud, Mike Associate Member National Weather Service 803-822-8038
Doran, Shaun Primary Member National Association of State Foresters 570-922-3344