NWCG Master Roster

Name Phone Email NWCG Member Agency
Abela, Will 208-387-5547 wabela@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Abendroth, Diane 307-739-3665 diane_abendroth@nps.gov National Park Service
Ackerman, Jolene 608-575-9846 jolene.ackerman@wisconsin.gov National Association of State Foresters
Adams, Ted 307-620-0997 theodore.adams@usda.gov Forest Service
Alexander, Doug 907-786-3497 doug_alexander@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Alexander, Theresa 202-912-7276 talexander@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Alexander, Travis 951-575-5513 travis.alexander@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Alford, Chris 703-221-7183 chris_alford@nps.gov National Park Service
Allen, Tim 303-914-3802 tim_allen@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Alter, Rachael 208-949-8630 alter@nasemso.org Other
Altman, Jada 541-573-1000 jaltman@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Anderson, Debbie 503-808-2286 debbie.anderson2@usda.gov Forest Service
Anderson, Jennifer 850-728-8206 jennifer.r.anderson@usda.gov Forest Service
Anderson, Randy 208-233-2937 randerson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Angle, Alan 231-775-5023 alan.c.angle@usda.gov Forest Service
Anzalone, Jami 505-346-3844 jami.anzalone@usda.gov Forest Service
Apuzzo, Godot 406-829-6793 godot.apuzzo@usda.gov Forest Service
Arackellian, Kevorak 360-854-7242 kevork_arackellian@nps.gov National Park Service
Archer, Todd 907-356-6162 warcher@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Armstrong, Reeve 720-484-3203 reeve.armstrong@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Arnberger, Jeff 208-387-5477 jarnberg@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Arteaga, Jane 916-978-4654 jarteaga@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Bailey, Andrew 208-387-5248 andrew_bailey@nps.gov National Park Service
Bailey, Calvin 843-908-4593 cbailey@scfc.gov National Association of State Foresters
Baldwin, Mick 208-387-5287 james.m.baldwin@usda.gov Forest Service
Ballard, Lou 208-387-5584 lou_ballard@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Bang, Kim 970-257-4802 kbang@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Barnes, John DDI+64 (3) 3713621 John.Barnes@fire.org.nz Other
Barnes, Robert 208-235-4701 rbarnes@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Barrett, Laura 208-387-5914 laura.barrett@usda.gov Forest Service
Barrons, Nate 801-538-5410 nathanbarrons@utah.gov National Association of State Foresters
Barrows, Andy 509-884-6593 andrew.barrows@usda.gov Forest Service
Basso, Hector 541-504-7230 hector.basso@usda.gov Forest Service
Basterrechea, George 208-387-5453 gbasterrechea@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Bates, Marie 208-387-5506 mbates@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Beacham, Scott 402-661-1768 scott_beacham@nps.gov National Park Service
Beavans, Gwen 202-205-1488 gwen.beavans@usda.gov Forest Service
Becker, Jason 208-387-5840 jbecker@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Bell, Don 208-387-5185 dbell@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Belongie, Cole 208-387-5169 cole.belongie@usda.gov Forest Service
Bender, Jesse 208-387-5254 jbender@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Benoit, Annie 208-387-5112 annie.benoit@usda.gov Forest Service
Benton, Kevin 208-666-8651 kbenton@idl.idaho.gov National Association of State Foresters
Berrian, Karis 907-356-5551 kberrian@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Berry, Caleb 208-387-5460 caleb.berry@usda.gov Forest Service
Bidaburu, Aitor 208-387-5698 abidaburu@fs.fed.us United States Fire Administration
Bilbao, Carrie 208-387-5457 cbilbao@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Bird, John 304-558-2788 john.w.bird@wv.gov National Association of State Foresters
Bitting, Bryan 208-387-5173 bbitting@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Black, Jordan 865-430-4755 jordan_black@nps.gov National Park Service
Black, Mike 208-387-5319 michael.black1@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bladow, Chad 317-829-3807 cbladow@tnc.org Other
Blake, Tim tblake@blm.gov National Park Service
Boehle, Tina 208-387-5875 tina_boehle@nps.gov National Park Service
Bohannan, Justin 540-618-2121 justin.bohannan@usda.gov Forest Service
Bonebrake, Jeff 503-945-7445 jbonebrake@odf.state.or.us National Association of State Foresters
Boyd, Kelly 970-683-7708 kboyd@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Boyer, Andrea 208-843-7375 andreab@nezperce.org Intertribal Timber Council
Boyer, Tederell (TJ) 678-320-3007 tederell.boyer@usda.gov Forest Service
Boyle, Dan 509-925-0967 dan.boyle@dnr.wa.gov National Association of State Foresters
Bozarth, Tim 916-845-8680 tbozarth@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Bradley, Mike 907-356-5866 mbradley@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Bradley, Tim 208-756-5448 timothy.bradley@usda.gov Forest Service
Branson, GaBriella 907-356-5671 gabriella.branson@alaska.gov National Association of State Foresters
Braunstein, Jason 434-220-9082 jason.braunstein@dof.virginia.gov National Association of State Foresters
Brennan, Gary 208-334-9313 gary_brennan@ios.doi.gov Other
Brewer, Pat 303-969-2153 patricia_f_brewer@nps.gov National Park Service
Briggs, Will 505-954-2186 wbriggs@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Bright, Cheryl 208-387-5174 cheryl.bright@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bromley, Hal 307-578-5740 hal.bromley@usda.gov Forest Service
Brooks, Becky 208-387-5345 Becky_Brooks@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Broughton, Cathy 301-447-1854 cathy.broughton@fema.dhs.gov United States Fire Administration
Broughton, Mike 303-275-5245 michael.broughton@usda.gov Forest Service
Broward, John 808-985-6030 john_broward@nps.gov National Park Service
Brown, L.J. 208-387-5459 lbrown@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Brown, Mike 208-387-5342 m81brown@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Broyles, George 208-387-5638 george.broyles@usda.gov Forest Service
Broyles, Robyn 208-387-5473 robyn.broyles@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bruck, Louise 208-433-5049 louise_bruck@ios.doi.gov Other
Brummett, Tawnya 208-861-2378 tawnya.brummett@usda.gov Forest Service
Bruno, Jonathan 719-748-0033 jonathan@cusp.ws Other
Buehler, John 208-387-5227 john_buehler@nps.gov National Park Service
Buhrig, Chris 541-504-7350 christina.buhrig@usda.gov Forest Service
Bulock, Kristi 907-260-2845 kristi_bulock@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Bundt, Walter 208-387-5327 walter.bunt@usda.gov Forest Service
Burk, James 605-393-8055 jim.burk@state.sd.us National Association of State Foresters
Burkhammer, Erin 208-387-5699 eburkham@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Burkholder, Michael 607-373-1013 michael.burkholder@dec.ny.gov National Association of State Foresters
Burley, Dave 208-387-5420 dburley@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Burns, Dennis 209-770-3783 dburns@lpfire.org National Association of State Foresters
Bush, Eric 208-809-0903 eric.bush@usda.gov Forest Service
Butler, Corey 303-236-5953 guz5@cdc.gov Other
Butteri, Mike 907-388-3089 mike.butteri@alaska.gov National Association of State Foresters
Butteri, Peter 907-356-5874 peter_butteri@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Cain, Weston 208-387-5558 weston.cain@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Calima, Mario 909-930-3238 mario.calima@usda.gov Forest Service
Camblin, Clayton 305-224-4215 clayton_camblin@nps.gov National Park Service
Campbell, Cheri 541-975-5420 cheryl.campbell2@usda.gov Forest Service
Campbell, Diane 907-260-4230 diane.campbell@alaska.gov National Association of State Foresters
Campbell, Don 208-387-5593 don.campbell@usda.gov Forest Service
Campbell, Molly 603-536-6108 molly.campbell@usda.gov Forest Service
Cannon, Kyle 509-421-9616 kyle.cannon@usda.gov Forest Service
Cantrell, Mark 208-387-5311 mcantrel@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Cardoza, Brian 208-392-6764 brian.cardoza@usda.gov Forest Service
Carlson, Alan 530-342-5200 acarlsoninv@comcast.net Other
Casavan, Leslie 909-382-2992 leslie.casavan@usda.gov Forest Service
Cassellius, Martin 612-725-4523 martin.cassellius@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Castillo, Heather 208-387-5619 heather.castillo@usda.gov Forest Service
Celino, David 508-326-2403 david.celino@mass.gov National Association of State Foresters
Cerda, Paul 970-829-7261 paul.cerda@usda.gov Forest Service
Chadwick, Kristen 503-668-1474 kristen.chadwick@usda.gov Forest Service
Chan, Dan 678-476-6226 dchan@gfc.state.ga.us National Association of State Foresters
Charney, Joseph (Jay) 517-884-8052 joseph.j.charney@usda.gov Forest Service
Chase, Myron 303-969-2863 myron_chase@nps.gov National Park Service
Chavez, Tim 951-654-7912 tim.chavez@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Christiansen, Bill 303-236-5513 wdcrist@usgs.gov Other
Clabo, Darren 605-394-1996 darren.clabo@sdsmt.edu National Association of State Foresters
Clairmont, Darrell 406-676-2550 x6458 darrell.clairmont@cskt.org Bureau of Indian Affairs
Clark, Dottie 575-534-0453 dottie.clark@usda.gov Forest Service
Clavier, Brian 478-752-1188 bclavier@gfc.state.ga.us National Association of State Foresters
Claypool, Glen 208-387-5160 gclaypoo@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Cline, William (Robby) 303-941-6359 william.cline@usda.gov Forest Service
Cnudde, Matt 208-387-5277 matthew.cnudde@usda.gov Forest Service
Cockrum, Don 916-955-7298 Don.Cockrum@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Cogan, Curt 218-839-3270 curt.cogan1@gmail.com Other
Collins, Sean 310-795-3075 krnpio@gmail.com International Association of Fire Chiefs
Conn, Kevin 208-387-5505 kevin_conn@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Conway, Laura 406-329-3956 laura.conway@usda.gov Forest Service
Cooper, Bobby 406-477-8239 bobby.cooper@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Copple, Don 406-683-6305 dcopple@mt.gov National Association of State Foresters
Corbin, Brad 661-965-8680 brad.corbin@usda.gov Forest Service
Correia, Patricia 978-874-5700 patricia.correia@mass.gov National Association of State Foresters
Costello, Catherine 720-281-8127 ccostello@usgs.gov Other
Cota, Heath 208-957-3045 heath.cota@usda.gov Forest Service
Counts, Steve 434-220-9065 steve.counts@dof.virginia.gov National Association of State Foresters
Cox, Sean 520-202-2703 sean.c.cox@usda.gov Forest Service
Craig, Walker 208-433-5077 walker_craig@ios.doi.gov Other
Crippen, Renae 541-975-5402 renae.crippen@usda.gov Forest Service
Crisp, Cameron 304-635-4440 cameron.crisp@usda.gov Forest Service
Cross, Clint 404-347-3192 clint.cross@usda.gov Forest Service
Cross, Sean 208-387-5444 scross@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Crowe, Ray 907-356-5677 r5crowe@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Cunningham, Zeph 202-604-5321 zephaniah.cunningham@usda.gov Forest Service
Curcio, Gary 252-624-7635 gary.curcio@gmail.com Other
Curd, Sue 208-387-5569 scurd@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Curtis, Kristina 208-387-5419 kcurtis@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Curtis, Scott 208-433-5000 scott_curtis@ios.doi.gov Other
Cuthbert, Mike 360-902-1736 michael.cuthbert@dnr.wa.gov National Association of State Foresters
D'Antonio, Ashleigh 208-630-3941 ashleigh.dantonio@usda.gov Forest Service
Dalrymple, Daren 530-517-0480 daren.dalrymple@usda.gov Forest Service
Darling, Dennis 360-891-5146 dennis.darling@usda.gov Forest Service
Daugherty, Craig 505-634-6516 fire.edge.cd@gmail.com International Association of Fire Chiefs
Dauphinais, Robert 208-235-4702 rdauphin@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Davenport, Andrew 209-768-9304 andrew_davenport@nps.gov National Park Service
Davis, Dennis 406-329-3929 dennis.davis@usda.gov Forest Service
Day, Evan 406-329-1006 evan.day@usda.gov Forest Service
Delaney, Chris 801-539-4253 cdelaney@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Delmas, Andy 208-871-1831 adelmas@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Denny, Wayne 208-334-4000 dennyw@dhw.idaho.gov National Association of State Foresters
Denowh, Shawn 208-634-0611 shawn.denowh@usda.gov Forest Service
Deso, William 202-254-6748 william.deso@hq.dhs.gov Other
Dietz, Glenn 435-865-4621 gdietz@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Dillon, Greg 406-829-6783 greg.dillon@usda.gov Forest Service
Dingman, Cameron 801-539-4241 cdingman@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Dingman, Gina 801-531-5320 gina.dingman@usda.gov Forest Service
Dixon, Les 208-387-5664 leslie.dixon@usda.gov Forest Service
Dodgen, Robert 505-697-8157 robert.dodgen@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Domitrovich, Joe 406-829-6809 joseph.domitrovich@usda.gov Forest Service
Dotson, Travis 520-799-8763 travis_dotson@nps.gov National Park Service
Doyle, Danell 720-354-6932 danell.doyle@state.co.us National Association of State Foresters
Duncan, Pete 530-394-8100 pete.duncan@usda.gov Forest Service
Duncan, Riva 828-257-4284 riva.duncan@usda.gov Forest Service
Dunivan, Mike 210-494-4631 mdunivan@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Dunn, Sean 208-387-5400 skdunn@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Durand, Gabe 504-453-2892 gabe.durand@bsee.gov Other
Durglo, Jim 406-644-8828 jimdurglo@gmail.com Intertribal Timber Council
Dustin, Gil 208-387-5181 gdustin@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Dutton, Matt 208-387-5325 mdutton@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Eagan, Tammy 850-717-9022 tammy.eagan@dep.state.fl.us National Association of State Foresters
Edel, Skip 303-969-2947 skip_edel@nps.gov National Park Service
Edwards, Shelby 303-838-0160 sedwards.pcwfm@gmail.com Other
Ellington, Jay 505-842-3874 jay_ellington@nps.gov National Park Service
Ellsworth, Mike 208-387-5936 michael_ellsworth@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Ellsworth, Nancy 678-320-3001 dana.ellsworth@usda.gov Forest Service
Elwell, Steven 907-354-1883 steve.elwell@alaska.gov National Association of State Foresters
Engber, Eamon 707-465-7734 eamon_engber@nps.gov National Park Service
Engel, Jim 530-624-2762 james.engel1@outlook.com Other
Even, Brenda 605-393-8011 brenda.even@state.sd.us National Association of State Foresters
Evenson, Rudy 775-861-6411 revenson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Fallon, Jason 208-334-1560 jason_fallon@ios.doi.gov Other
Fay, Gillian 208-387-5536 gillian_fay@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Fennessy, Brian 714-573-6010 brianfennessy@ocfa.org International Association of Fire Chiefs
Ferreria, Shawn 559-230-5841 shawn.ferreria@valleyair.org Other
Fields, Mary 208-387-5092 mary.fields@usda.gov Forest Service
Fischer, Tate 208-387-5941 tate_fischer@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Fish, John 850-681-5919 john.fish@freshfromflorida.com National Association of State Foresters
Fisher, Chad 208-387-5967 chad_fisher@nps.gov National Park Service
Fisher, Darin 928-777-5723 darin.fisher@usda.gov Forest Service
Fisher, Garth 208-387-5315 garth.fisher@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Fisher, Sarah 208-387-5944 sarah.fisher@usda.gov Forest Service
Fitch, Mark 208-387-5230 mark_fitch@nps.gov National Park Service
Fitchner, John 208-387-5425 jfitchne@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Fleegel, Kari 605-225-0519 kari.fleegel@noaa.gov Other
Fleming, Deb 208-387-5745 dlfleming@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Forder, Melissa 470-249-3069 melissa_forder@nps.gov National Park Service
Forkner, Chris 303-575-7754 christopher.forkner@atf.gov Other
Fox, Leann 385-368-0403 leannfox@utah.gov National Association of State Foresters
Fransted, Eric 208-387-5210 edward_fransted@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Freeman, Adrienne 209-742-3391 adrienne_freeman@nps.gov National Park Service
French, Tom 505-842-3357 thomas.french@usda.gov Forest Service
Frisbie, Michele 530-226-2860 michele.frisbie.usda.gov Forest Service
Froelich, Dan 858-329-8469 dfroelich@sandiego.gov International Association of Fire Chiefs
Froelich, Michael 502-782-7159 michael.froelich@ky.gov National Association of State Foresters
Fry, Scott 770-237-0119 x1002 scott.fry@usda.gov Forest Service
Gallardo, Ivan 303-202-4945 igallardo@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Garland, Mark 530-226-2851 mark.r.garland@usda.gov Forest Service
Gear, Bob 509-528-1650 gearb@paco-wa.gov International Association of Fire Chiefs
Geary, Meg 406-233-2854 mmassege@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Gerboth, David 619-884-9905 dgerboth@sandiego.gov National Association of State Foresters
Geringer, Barb 707-562-9167 barbara.geringer-frazier@usda.gov Forest Service
Gholson, TJ 208-484-8878 agholson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Gibbs, Brad 208-387-5182 bgibbs@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Gibbs, Doug 801-648-8885 douglas.gibbs@usda.gov Forest Service
Gibson, Chris 406-329-4716 chris.gibson@noaa.gov Other
Gibson, Matt 406-329-4924 matthew.gibson@usda.gov Forest Service
Gicla, Richard 303-439-2308 richard.gicla@usda.gov Forest Service
Gicla, Rick 303-439-2308 rgicla@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Giles, Dirk 208-387-5625 dirk.giles@usda.gov Forest Service
Gilman, JT 406-329-4892 justin.gilman@usda.gov Forest Service
Glaeser, Lori 208-387-5961 lglaeser@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Gleason, Dan 509-486-5125 daniel.gleason2@usda.gov Forest Service
Glesener, William 218-322-2709 bill.glesener@state.mn.us National Association of State Foresters
Goeller, Mark 918-207-9492 mark.goeller@ag.ok.gov National Association of State Foresters
Gonzales, Ralph 909-929-7059 ralph.gonzales@usda.gov Forest Service
Gonzalez, Heather 303-275-5260 heather.gonzalez@usda.gov Forest Service
Goode, Stan 208-762-6901 harold.goode@usda.gov Forest Service
Graff, Eric 928-638-7823 eric_graff@nps.gov National Park Service
Grauel, Bill 208-387-5234 william.grauel@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Gray, Andy 303-907-3781 andrew.gray2@usda.gov Forest Service
Gray, Rich 979-218-2406 rgray@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Grayshield, Adrian adrian.graysheild@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Greeley, Chris 208-387-5249 christopher_greeley@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Greene, Kerry 530-226-2705 kerry.greene@usda.gov Forest Service
Greer, Shane 303-275-5336 shane.greer@usda.gov Forest Service
Greil, Thomas 208-387-5907 thomas_greil@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Griffin, Steve 760-417-0728 steve.griffin@usda.gov Forest Service
Grimaldi, Steve 604-824-3340 steve.grimaldi@gov.bc.ca Other
Grimes, Jimmy 520-954-2190 jgrimes@northwestfire.org National Association of State Foresters
Gross, Robby 207-463-2331 robby.gross@maine.gov National Association of State Foresters
Grubbs, Larry 850-681-5920 larry.grubbs@freshfromflorida.com National Association of State Foresters
Guenther, Scott 307-739-3372 scott_guenther@nps.gov National Park Service
Guerrero, Kevin 916-657-4549 kevin.guerrero@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Gustine, Dave 307-739-3485 dave_gustine@nps.gov National Park Service
Guzman, Frank 208-589-9101 frank.guzman@usda.gov Forest Service
Hafer, Wendy 307-344-2183 wendy_hafer@nps.gov National Park Service
Hagen, Dave 541-504-7234 david.hagen@usda.gov Forest Service
Hahnenberg, Bill 970-216-7414 fwhahnenberg@fs.fed.us Forest Service
Hale, Mark 218-322-2708 mark.hale@usda.gov Forest Service
Hall, Wesley 575-434-7220 wesley.hall@usda.gov Forest Service
Halleran, Kevin 435-640-5424 kevin.halleran@usda.gov Forest Service
Ham, Amy 605-673-9326 amy.ham@usda.gov Forest Service
Hambrick, Robert 208-387-5323 robert_hambrick@nps.gov National Park Service
Hamilton, Clint 916-653-5371 clinton.hamilton@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Hamilton, Kent 208-387-5614 john.k.hamilton@usda.gov Forest Service
Hancock, Celeste 435-896-1669 celeste.hancock@usda.gov Forest Service
Handrigan, Michael 202-577-4827 michael_handrigan@nps.gov National Park Service
Haney, Josh 208-387-5316 jchaney@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Hannemann, Paul 979-458-7344 phannemann@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Hansen, Kathie 920-866-1767 kathie_hansen@nps.gov National Park Service
Harbo, Emmy 208-334-6196 emily_harbo@ios.doi.gov Other
Harris, Brian 208-634-0784 brian.d.harris@usda.gov Forest Service
Harrison, Brian 208-387-5615 brian.harrison@usda.gov Forest Service
Hartweg, Kim 775-972-9201 khartweg@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Haston, Dave 208-387-5642 david.haston@usda.gov Forest Service
Havlina, Doug 208-387-5061 dhavlina@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Hayes, Jerilynne 619-557-6690 jerilynne.hayes@usda.gov Forest Service
Hayes, Tommy 208-735-4602 thayes@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Headrick, Scott 720-209-2303 scott.e.headrick@usda.gov Forest Service
Heath, Mike 917-242-3441 mikeheathga@gmail.com Other
Heavirland, Rob 218-322-2715 rob.heavirland@usda.gov Forest Service
Heffernan, Robyn 208-387-5089 robyn.heffernan@noaa.gov Other
Heinsch, Faith Ann 406-329-7342 faith.heinsch@usda.gov Forest Service
Heintz, Judy 406-329-4708 judith.heintz@usda.gov Forest Service
Heisey, Susan 912-286-3110 susan_heisey@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Henke, Keith 301-447-7266 keith.henke2@fema.dhs.gov United States Fire Administration
Henricks, Jeff 780-717-4998 jeff.henricks@gov.ab.ca Other
Henry, Mike 606-878-7430 x101 michael.j.henry@usda.gov Forest Service
Hepler, Jerry 530-642-5103 william.hepler@usda.gov Forest Service
Hesse, Nate 208-553-5990 nathan.hesse@usda.gov Forest Service
Hickey, Lauren 208-387-5748 lauren.hickey@usda.gov Forest Service
Hicks, Bruce 775-742-7285 bjhicks@sbeglobal.net Other
Hill, Jon 703-767-1816 jon.hill@dla.mil Other
Hinshaw, Jay 916-978-6021 jay.hinshaw@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Hislop, Mike 208-387-5423 mhislop@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Hoch, Jack 907-451-2640 john.hoch@alaska.gov National Association of State Foresters
Hockenberry, Heath 208-334-9862 heath.hockenberry@noaa.gov Other
Hoffman, Kymberli 423-476-9775 kymberli.d.hoffman@usda.gov Forest Service
Holdsambeck, Steve 801-721-7258 steve.holdsambeck@usda.gov Forest Service
Holfeltz, Tyre 208-666-8653 tholfeltz@idl.idaho.gov National Association of State Foresters
Holiday, Rawley 970-565-4789 rawley.holiday@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Hollingsworth, LaWen 406-829-7370 lawen.t.hollingsworth@usda.gov Forest Service
Hosenfeld, Nanette 801-531-5320 nhosenfeld@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
House, Greg 832-278-3069 ghouse@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Howe, Ricky 208-387-5832 ricky.howe@usda.gov Forest Service
Hudgins, Tiffany 202-412-6848 tiffany.hudgins@fema.dhs.gov Other
Huemann, Blane 573-323-0093 bhuemann@tnc.org Other
Hughes, Cameron 208-818-7054 chughes@idl.idaho.gov National Association of State Foresters
Hughes, Jeff 208-387-5796 jghughes@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Hutton, Eddie 970-826-5037 ehutton@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Hyde, Josh 206-468-2581 jhyde@uidaho.edu Other
Ingram, Chris 510-427-2671 chris.ingram@sccfd.org International Association of Fire Chiefs
Irwin, Emily 505-916-9975 emily.irwin@usda.gov Forest Service
Isaacs, James 828-268-6183 jimmy.isaacs@townofboone.net International Association of Fire Chiefs
Iverson, Ben 208-387-5324 ben.iverson@usda.gov Forest Service
Jacks, Randy 970-257-4821 rjacks@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Jackson, Colby 208-387-5328 cjackson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Jager, Justin 928-638-7413 justin_jager@nps.gov National Park Service
James, Andy 405-288-2385 andy.james@ag.ok.gov National Association of State Foresters
Jaramillo, Kenneth 505-563-3375 kenneth.jaramillo@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Jeanne, Juliette 928-338-5383 juliette.jeanne@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Jeffries, Shane 541-647-4956 shane.jeffries@usda.gov Forest Service
Jenkins, Terri 912-496-7366 x232 terri_jenkins@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Jewell, Anne 571-256-9732 anne.m.jewell3civ@mail.mil Other
Jimenez, Dan 406-239-4164 dan.jimenez@usda.gov Forest Service
Johnson, Chris 406-529-7751 chris.m.johnson@usda.gov Forest Service
Johnson, Eric 541-683-6484 ejohnson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Johnson, Rob 218-244-4026 robert.a.johnson@state.mn.us National Association of State Foresters
Johnson, Ryan (RJ) 208-387-5424 rjjohnson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Johnson, Todd 208-387-5426 t80johns@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Jolly, Matt 406-329-4848 matt.jolly@usda.gov Forest Service
Jones, Darryl 803-896-8817 DJones@scfc.gov National Association of State Foresters
Jones, Hunter 406-829-6810 hunter.jones@usda.gov Forest Service
Jordan, Bjorn 208-666-8694 bjordan@idl.idaho.gov National Association of State Foresters
Julianus, Erin 907-474-2358 ejulianus@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Kafka, Joe 208-387-5572 joseph.kafka@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Karalus, Kim 541-947-6779 kkkaralus@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Karnowski, Al 208-387-5856 akarnowski@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Kazmier, Amy 208-473-8735 amy_kazmier@ios.doi.gov Other
Keating, Linnea 208-476-8312 linnea.keating@usda.gov Forest Service
Kehmna, Ken 408-887-7312 ken.kehmna@redmondfireandrescue.org International Association of Fire Chiefs
Keller, Floyd 303-439-0337 floyd.keller@usda.gov Forest Service
Keller, Wesley wekeller@pa.gov National Association of State Foresters
Kelly, Peter 209-826-3508 peter_kelly@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Kennedy, Tim 208-334-3488 tkennedy@idl.idaho.gov National Association of State Foresters
Kenny, Patrick 801-977-4300 pkenny@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Kerley, Joel 208-387-5371 joel.kerley@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Kern, John 850-228-7779 John.Kern@FDACS.gov John_Kern@firenet.gov National Association of State Foresters
Kessler, Glenn 503.780.9300 glenn_kessler@nps.gov National Park Service
Kessler, Woody 208-433-5090 jon_kessler@ios.doi.gov Other
Keyes, Jimmy 707-237-0119 james.keyes@usda.gov Forest Service
King, Jon 580-429-2113 jon_king@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
King, Josh 406-896-2872 jking@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Kingsley, Ryan 218-327-4558 ryan.kingsley@usda.gov Forest Service
Kirsch, Andy 208-387-5202 andy_kirsch@nps.gov National Park Service
Koele, Catherine 608-219-9075 catherine.koele@wisconsin.gov National Association of State Foresters
Komatz, Kathy 208-387-5261 kathy_komatz@nps.gov National Park Service
Koontz, Mark 208-387-5090 mark_koontz@nps.gov National Park Service
Kovach, Steven 208-373-4203 steven.kovach@usda.gov Forest Service
Krause, Anthony 406-329-4932 anthony.krause@usda.gov Forest Service
Kreutzer, Dave 907-271-6032 david_kreutzer@ios.doi.gov Other
Kriederman, Lisa 303-494-3877 lisa.kriederman@noaa.gov Other
Kruger, Brian 209-379-1205 brian_kruger@nps.gov National Park Service
Kubichek, Tom 907-356-5539 tkubiche@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Kuenzi, Jill 208-387-5283 jill.kuenzi@usda.gov Forest Service
Kuo, Evans 208-387-5737 evans.kuo@usda.gov Forest Service
Kurth, Laurie 202-205-1511 laurie.kurth@usda.gov Forest Service
Lahm, Pete 202-205-1084 peter.lahm@usda.gov Forest Service
Landrum, Bruce 912-267-2323 bruce.landrum@dhs.gov Other
Lannen-Littlefield, Andrea 951-269-9021 alannenlittlefield@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
LaRosa, Nicole 202-735-4113 nicole.larosa@fema.dhs.gov Other
Larrabee, Steve 208-387-5586 steven.larrabee@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Larson, Dave 541-664-3328 dave.larson@oregon.gov National Association of State Foresters
Larson, Rachael 208-387-5331 rachael.larson@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Lascano, Anthony 571-213-3021 anthony_lascano@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Lauer, Bill 218-322-2764 bill.lauer@state.mn.us National Association of State Foresters
Laugle, Neal 503-945-7508 nlaugle@odf.state.or.us National Association of State Foresters
LeCompte, Brad 605-964-7032 bradford.lecompte@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Lee, David 406-233-2907 dclee@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Leguineche, Jill 208-384-3380 jill.leguineche@usda.gov Forest Service
Lemons, Jan 202-536-9071 jan_lemons@nps.gov National Park Service
Leschak, Pam 208-387-5612 pam.leschak@usda.gov Forest Service
Lightley, Kimberly kimberly.lightley@usda.gov Forest Service
Lillie, Nathan 405-247-1595 nathan.lillie@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Linse, Paul 202-205-0974 paul.linse@usda.gov Forest Service
Lloyd, Jake 970-424-2916 jrlloyd@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Loan, Mary 775-623-2397 mloan@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Loomis, Jason 503-894-1303 jason_loomis@nps.gov National Park Service
Lopez, Jose 208-387-5858 jose.lopez2@usda.gov Forest Service
Loraas, Chris 407-370-4160 chris.loraas@usda.gov Forest Service
Lucas, Scott 916-978-4442 slucas@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Lusher, Jeremy 928-638-7921 jeremy_lusher@nps.gov National Park Service
Luttrell, Karla 208-387-5400 kluttrel@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Lynde, Matt 530-919-8673 matthew.lynde@usda.com Forest Service
Maclean, Beth 208-736-2382 emaclean@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Mai, Jeff 970-295-5878 jeff.mai@usda.gov Forest Service
Manwaring, Robert 909-929-7065 robert.manwaring@usda.gov Forest Service
Marien, Stephen 651-293-8446 stephen_marien@nps.gov National Park Service
Marshall, Marley 208-387-5411 mmarshall@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Martin, Kelly 209-372-0325 kelly_martin@nps.gov National Park Service
Martinez, Eric 202-649-4422 eric.martinez@usda.gov Forest Service
Martinez-Baker, Cecilia 520-610-1159 Cecilia.baker@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Mascheroni, Andre 208-630-3771 amascheroni@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Mason, John 478-986-5441 john_mason@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Mason, Ted 208-387-5434 tmason@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Mathewson, Tim 303-445-4309 t2mathew@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Mathis, Darren 602-417-9308 dmathis@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Mathis, Kelly 909-382-2995 kelly.mathis@usda.gov Forest Service
Matsueda, Robert 916-803-2295 robert.matsueda@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Mattfeldt, Mike 202-306-2444 michael.mattfeldt@usda.gov Forest Service
Matthews, Cindy 928-777-5690 cindy.matthews@usda.gov Forest Service
Matthews, Kathy 208-373-4239 kathleen.matthews2@usda.gov Forest Service
Maurer, Stephen 609-292-2977 stephen.maurer@dep.state.nj.us National Association of State Foresters
Maxwell, Chuck 505-842-3419 charles.maxwell@usda.gov Forest Service
May, Will 352-494-4312 wgmayjr@gmail.com International Association of Fire Chiefs
Maynard, Trevor 301-395-9416 trevor.maynard@atf.gov National Association of State Foresters
McCabe-Howell, Veronica 801-531-5320 vmcabehowell@fs.fed.us Forest Service
McCaffrey, Sarah 970-498-2507 sarah.m.mccaffrey@usda.gov Forest Service
McCarville, Tess 208-387-5970 teresa.mccarville@usda.gov Forest Service
McCasland, Curt 916-204-3381 curtis_mccasland@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
McCowin, Tyler 208-373-4030 tmccowan@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
McCray, L. Kaili larry_mccray@ios.doi.gov Other
McCutchan, Kim 208-387-5856 kim.mccutchan@usda.gov Forest Service
McDaniel, Darcy 801-539-4031 dmcdaniel@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
McDevitt, Lisa 208-387-5540 lmcdevit@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
McDonald, Greg 801-510-7853 gmcdonald@fs.fed.us Forest Service
McDonald, John 703-605-2971 jmcdonald@gsa.gov Other
McDonald, Norm 907-761-6225 norman.mcdonald@alaska.gov National Association of State Foresters
McDonald, Pam 208-387-5318 pmcdonal@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
McDonald, Shane 208-387-5583 shane_mcdonald@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
McFarland, Mack 307-739-3364 mack_mcfarland@nps.gov National Park Service
McGrane, Ben 541-410-5714 ben.mcgrane@usda.gov Forest Service
McGugan, Steve 919-825-2314 steve.mcgugan@ncdps.gov Other
McGuire, Gina 775-861-6650 gmcguire@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
McHugh, Chuck 406-829-6953 charles.mchugh@usda.gov Forest Service
McKee, Brian 850-488-1728 mckeeb@doacs.state.fl.us National Association of State Foresters
McLaughlin, Greg 606-649-3611 gregory.mclaughlin@dep.nj.gov National Association of State Foresters
Medina, Marcus 303-202-4943 marcus.medina@usda.gov Forest Service
Meekin, Kevin 406-329-4777 kevin.meekin@usda.gov Forest Service
Melvin, Mark 229-734-4706 mmelvin@jonesctr.org Other
Mendes, Rod 530-625-1118 oes@hoopa-nsn.gov Intertribal Timber Council
Mielke, Aaron 218-387-6031 aaron.mielke@state.mn.us National Association of State Foresters
Miller, Arlyn 208-433-5079 arlyn_miller@ios.doi.gov Other
Miller, Bill 520-471-6635 bill.miller@usda.gov Forest Service
Mills, Doug 803-896-8842 dmills@scfc.gov National Association of State Foresters
Mills, John 208-433-5072 john_mills@ios.doi.gov Other
Milone, Colin 907-230-5037 colin_milone@ios.doi.gov Other
Minton, Lucas 615-564-6782 lucas.minton@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Minton, Mike 707-498-4435 michael_minton@nps.gov National Park Service
Mitchell, Keith 907-683-9549 keith_mitchell@nps.gov National Park Service
Mix, Cannon 208-433-5056 cannon_mix@ios.doi.gov Other
Montreuil, Patrick 208-819-0471 patrick.m.montreuil@usda.gov Forest Service
Moore, Michelle 208-871-6273 mmoore@blm.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Morgan, Patrick 208-382-7456 patrick.morgan@usda.gov Forest Service
Moriarty, Blaine 208-433-5045 blaine_moriarty@ios.doi.gov Other
Morris, Kate 530-934-1118 katherine.morris@usda.gov Forest Service
Morrison, Brent 208-634-0378 brent.morrison@usda.gov Forest Service
Mowery, Rick 530-966-4413 rick.mowery@usda.gov Forest Service
Moyer, Jeff 503-231-6806 jeffrey.moyer@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Mueller, Dave 208-387-5151 dmueller@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Murphy, Lauren 215-737-3774 lauren.murphy@dla.mil Other
Naugle, Jerald "Jay" 618-687-1731 x105 jerald.naugle@usda.gov Forest Service
Navarro, Rob 208-387-5873 rnavarro@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Navarro, Tony 406-241-1079 anthony.navarro@usda.gov Forest Service
Nellen, Aaren 605-745-8213 aaren.l.nellen@usda.gov Forest Service
Nelson, John 208-387-5617 john.nelson@usda.gov Forest Service
Ness, Ken 306-240-8289 kenness02@gmail.com Other
Nester, Jim 916-640-1051 james.nester@usda.gov Forest Service
Neuman, Darren 218-322-2722 darren.neuman@state.mn.us National Association of State Foresters
Newburn, Ben 530-226-2527 benjamin.newburn@usda.gov Forest Service
Newman, Cary 970-385-1388 cary.newman@usda.gov Forest Service
Nieto, Rich 505-842-3418 richard.nieto@usda.gov Forest Service
Nixon, Ashley 215-737-4848 ashley.nixon@dla.mil Other
Noneman, Rhonda 208-387-5263 rnoneman@blm.gov Forest Service
Noordermeer, Cory 208-387-5637 cory.noordermeer@usda.gov Forest Service
Norred, Jon 208-373-3961 jnorred@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Norton, Kevin 208-387-4426 knorton@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Nosie, Carlos Jr. 602-379-6798 carlos.nosie@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Novak, Mark 970-477-3474 mnovak@vailgov.com International Association of Fire Chiefs
Nuttall, Jake 505-842-3281 jacob.nuttall@usda.gov Forest Service
O'Berry, Tom 541-504-7239 thomas.oberry@usda.gov Forest Service
O'Brien, Dan 503-808-2720 d1obrien@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
O'Connor, Erin 936-241-2572 eoconnor@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
O'Connor, Josh 503-872-2756 josh_oconnor@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
O'Dorisio, Lauren 215-737-7626 lauren.odorisio@dla.mil Other
O'Loughlin, Darren 601-919-4736 oloughlin@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
O'Neill, Susan 503-273-2438 susan.oneill@por.usda.gov Forest Service
Oakleaf, Ben 208-387-5430 boakleaf@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Oelrich, Barry 303-236-4526 barry_oelrich@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Ogle, Heidi 303-987-6707 heidi_ogle@nps.gov National Park Service
Oke, Nicole 208-387-5333 noke@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Olpin, Shane 208-387-5784 shane.olpin@usda.gov Forest Service
Olson, Knute 406-646-1197 knute.olson@usda.gov Forest Service
Olson, Nate 907-786-3368 nathan_olson@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Opperman, Tonja 406-461-0780 tonja.opperman@usda.gov Forest Service
Otoupalik, Steve 541-822-3728 steveo46@live.com Other
Owczarzak, Kim 231-775-8732 kimberley.owczarzak@usda.gov Forest Service
Papke, Gina 360-891-5152 gina.papke@usda.gov Forest Service
Parker, Ursula 855-332-9400 uparker@bcaqmd.org Other
Parkinson, Tami 208-866-7293 tami.parkinson@usda.gov tami_parkinson@firenet.gov Forest Service
Paul, Ken 541-331-6335 klamathken@live.com Other
Pederson, Roshelle 208-334-6192 kimber_pederson@ios.doi.gov Other
Perea, Marco 303-445-4303 mperea@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Perez, Larissa 559-565-3168 larissa_perez@nps.gov National Park Service
Peters, Christine 208-387-5211 christine_peters@nps.gov National Park Service
Peterson, Janice 206 732-7845 janice.peterson@usda.gov Forest Service
Peterson, Sean 208-387-5418 speterson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Petrilli, Tony 406-329-3965 anthony.petrilli@usda.gov Forest Service
Petruska, Jason 970-739-5772 jason.petruska@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Phelps, Troy 406-638-2247 troy.phelps@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Pipkin, Kathy 406-329-4880 kathy.pipkin@usda.gov Forest Service
Pippin, Brian 931-260-3350 biran_pippin@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Pirog, Jeff 209-379-1902 jeff_pirog@nps.gov National Park Service
Pitrolo, Melanie 828-257-4213 melanie.pitrolo@usda.gov Forest Service
Pitt, Ken 406-887-2108 kpittlaw@aol.com Other
Plumlee, Ted 907-356-5528 tplumlee@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Polutnik, Julie 406-329-4885 julie.polutnik@usda.gov Forest Service
Poncin, Greg 406-250-4439 gponcin@mt.gov National Association of State Foresters
Powell, Jim 530-925-5733 powell.jim367@gmail.com Other
Power, Jeff 202-205-1410 jeff.power@usda.gov Forest Service
Powers, Jenny 970-267-2122 jenny_powers@nps.gov National Park Service
Price, Steve 208-387-5140 sprice@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Procter, Trent 559-784-1500 trent.procter@usda.gov Forest Service
Query, Justin 828-446-1315 justin.query@ncagr.gov National Association of State Foresters
Rader, Dylan 775-753-0321 d1rader@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Raines, Cheryl 909-382-2689 cheryl.raines@usda.gov Forest Service
Raley, Keith 208-867-7875 keith_raley@ios.doi.gov Other
Ramaekers, Steven 208-473-8708 steven_ramaekers@ios.doi.gov Other
Ramirez, Monica 505-808-2734 mmramirez@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Rau, Diane 505-697-7817 diane.rau@usda.gov Forest Service
Rauch, Steve 571-592-8383 stephen.rauch@bsee.gov Other
Ravenberg, Gary 801-908-1908 gary.ravenberg@usda.gov Forest Service
Ray, Justin 907-388-7373 jray@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Real Bird, Leander 602-379-6798 leander.realbird@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Red Fox, Mark 406-696-5071 mark.redfox@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Reedy, Reah 208-387-5736 reah_reedy@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Reichert, Joe 907-733-9101 joe_reichert@nps.gov National Park Service
Reid, Michael 208-387-5622 michael.reid@usda.gov Forest Service
Rice, Brenda 970-946-3609 bjschultz.durango@gmail.com Other
Richardson, Owen 406-896-2870 owen.richardson@usda.gov Forest Service
Richter, Stew 707-562-8851 stewart.richter@usda.gov Forest Service
Riddering, Jim 406-243-6255 jim.riddering@firecenter.umt.edu Other
Riegle, Jodi 303-236-1415 jlriegle@usgs.gov Other
Risko, George 352-797-4169 george.riskojr@freshfromflorida.com National Association of State Foresters
Robertson, Alex 541-788-0650 alex.robertson@usda.gov Forest Service
Robertson, Kevin 406-329-4928 kevin.robertson@usda.gov Forest Service
Robillard, Larry 208-387-5682 larry.robillard@usda.gov Forest Service
Rodeffer, Stu stuart.rodeffer@usda.gov Forest Service
Rogers, Les 979-218-2403 lrogers@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Romero, Frankie 208-634-0798 francisco.romero@usda.gov Forest Service
Ronk, Bodie bronk@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Rosetti, Rob 541-420-8716 rrosetti@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Rothwell, Kirk 208-387-5879 mrothwell@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Sachs, Gordon 202-205-1132 gordon.sachs@usda.gov Forest Service
Sampson, Dianna 208-387-5196 dsampson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Savage, James 916-978-4431 jsavage@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Savage, Michael 661-723-2580 michael.savage@usda.gov Forest Service
Sawyer, Brad 208-735-4607 bsawyer@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Schardt, Jeff 706-695-6736 jeffrey.schardt@usda.gov Forest Service
Schmidt, Kris 541-504-7265 kris.schmidt@usda.gov Forest Service
Schmidt, Rodney 406-837-4590 r.schmidt.emtp@gmail.com Other
Scholtz, Diana 405-702-4171 diana.scholtz@deq.ok.gov National Association of State Foresters
Schultz, Anthony 307-286-6315 anthony.schultz@wyo.gov National Association of State Foresters
Schwab, Richard 202-513-7129 richard_schwab@nps.gov National Park Service
Scranton, Sam 208-387-5794 samuel.scranton@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Sebes, Kathryn 512-339-9432 kathryn_sebes@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
SeLegue, Philip 530-226-2800 philip.selegue@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Selk, Brandon 605-642-3865 brandon.selk@usda.gov Forest Service
Seng, Jeremy 801-977-4322 jseng@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Seppi, Bruce 907-267-1282 bseppi@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Sestrich, Clint 406-823-6067 clint.sestrich@usda.gov Forest Service
Sexton, Tim 208-387-5214 tim.sexton@usda.gov Forest Service
Shaddle, Matthew 208-433-5062 matthew_shaddle@ios.doi.gov Other
Shaffer, Deana 208-387-5149 dmshaffer@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Shell, Charles 606-878-7430 charles.shell@usda.gov Forest Service
Shilling, Eric 541-504-7253 eric.shilling@usda.gov Forest Service
Shinkle, Isaac 720-768-2104 dshinkle@fs.fed.us Forest Service
Short, Karen 406-329-4973 karen.c.short@usda.gov Forest Service
Shultz, Jim 208-387-5215 jim_shultz@nps.gov National Park Service
Shultz, Krysta 208-387-5823 kshultz@blm.gov Forest Service
Shy, David 559-732-5954 x105 david.shy@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Sidles, Cyndi 503-872-2756 cyndi_sidles@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Siegel, Jerhad 208-666-8665 jsiegel@idl.idaho.gov National Association of State Foresters
Silva, Steve 916-640-1033 steve.silva@usda.gov Forest Service
Silverstone, James 414-944-3811 james.silverstone@usda.gov Forest Service
Simontacchi, Jarrod 208-387-5400 jsimonta@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Simpson, Angie 208-387-5381 ajsimpson@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Sitz, Shad 541-588-0344 shad_sitz@nps.gov National Park Service
Skinner, Jon 208-387-5321 jskinner@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Sloan, Bill 208-387-5839 william.sloan@usda.gov Forest Service
Smith, Barry 215-737-3290 barry.smith@dla.mil Other
Smith, Brad 512-339-9073 bsmith@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Smith, Dan 208-387-5653 desmith@blm.gov National Association of State Foresters
Smith, George 208-387-5093 gwsmith@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Smith, Greg 828-665-8868 greg.smith@ncagr.gov National Association of State Foresters
Smith, Ivan 208-387-5426 ismith@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Smith, Jennifer 208-387-5456 j81smith@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Smith, Keith 360-791-2232 kjsmith@blm.gov National Association of State Foresters
Snart, Rocco 720-347-7234 rocco.snart@state.co.us rocco_snart@firenet.gov National Association of State Foresters
Snow, Colan 406-829-6962 colan.snow@usda.gov Forest Service
Sohappy, Josh 541-533-8198 joshua.sohappy@ctwsbnr.org Bureau of Indian Affairs
Sorensen, Steve 303-969-2657 steven_sorensen@nps.gov National Park Service
Soule, Jeff 301-447-1304 jeffrey.soule@fema.dhs.gov United States Fire Administration
Spelman, Brook 951-320-6246 brook.spelman@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Spencer, Tom 979-458-6530 tspencer@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Spliethof, Dave 530-226-2739 david.spliethof@usda.gov Forest Service
Squires, Rick 208-387-5655 rsquires@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Squires-Kazimir, Leigh Anne 208-387-5314 laskazim@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
St. Clair, Thomas 907-978-0104 tstclair@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Staats, Roger 208-387-5623 roger.staats@usda.gov Forest Service
Stailey, Ryan 480-381-7660 ryan_stailey@ios.doi.gov Other
Stanford, Mark 979-458-6507 mstanford@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Stanger, Brant 509-884-3743 brant.stanger@usda.gov Forest Service
Stark, Wes 907-356-5525 wstark@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Stavish, Mike 541-776-4403 x224 michael.stavish@noaa.gov Other
Steber, Shawn 406-829-6785 shawn.steber@usda.gov Forest Service
Steensland, Paul 530-249-0873 paulsteensland@gmail.com Other
Steinmetz, Jason 202-208-5747 jason_steinmetz@ios.doi.gov Other
Stevenson, Candice 208-387-5239 candice_stevenson@nps.gov National Park Service
Stickler, David 406-329-4916 david.stickler@usda.gov Forest Service
Stifel, Ann 703-424-0802 astifel@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Stokesbury, Cory 208-258-0023 cstokesbury@usbr.gov Other
Stone, Ryan 989-739-0728 x3109 ryan.r.stone@usda.gov Forest Service
Stringer, Kara 801-531-5320 kara.stringer@usda.gov Forest Service
Strohmeyer, Nicholas 208-387-5783 nicholas_strohmeyer@nps.gov National Park Service
Stroud, Steve 208-433-5107 steven_stroud@ios.doi.gov Other
Stuart, Miranda miranda_stuart@nps.gov National Park Service
Sully, Adam 503-315-5940 asully@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Sutphen, Ronda 850-681-5929 ronda.sutphen@freshfromflorida.com National Association of State Foresters
Swartz, Kristy 208-334-1562 kristy_swartz@ios.doi.gov Other
Swendsen, Scott 303-445-4302 scott.swendsen@usda.gov Forest Service
Swenson, Tracy 435-740-0572 tracy_swenson@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Swofford, Robert 208-387-5363 rswofford@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Symonds, Jennifer 208-387-5978  jennifer.symonds@usda.gov Forest Service
Synowiec, Sarah 303-275-5104 sarah.synowiec@usda.gov Forest Service
Tait, Cynthia 801-625-5358 cynthia.tait@usda.gov Forest Service
Tarley, Jay 304-285-5858 jst9@cdc.gov Other
Taylor, Jeremy 719-385-7281 jtaylor@springsgov.com International Association of Fire Chiefs
Taylor-Goodrich, Karen 559-871-0513 karen_taylor-goodrich@nps.gov National Park Service
Teensma, Pete 202-208-0727 pteensma@ios.doi.gov Other
Terning, Brett 208-387-5877 brett.terning@usda.gov Forest Service
Thomas, Jon 907-356-5869 jthomas@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Thompson, Craig 208-387-5911 craig_thompson@ios.doi.gov Other
Tolosano, Kyle 530-605-7334 kyle.tolosano@usda.gov Forest Service
Tongier, Cameron 208-387-5712 cameron_tongier@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Tonkin, Jeff 707-442-2171 jeff.tonkin@noaa.gov Other
Torres, Robert 505-842-3384 robert.torres@usda.gov Forest Service
Touchette, Rhiannon 208-387-5177 rtouchette@blm.gov Other
Touchette, Travis 208-387-5738 ttouchet@blm.gov Forest Service
Towers, Melissa 208-387-5421 m1towers@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Triplett, Sean 208-387-5284 sean.triplett@usda.gov Forest Service
Tripp, Jamie 530-215-8689 jamie.tripp@usda.gov Forest Service
Troup, William 301-447-1231 bill.troup@fema.dhs.gov Other
Tuominen, Mike 208-387-5947 mike.tuominen@usda.gov Forest Service
Turck, Fred 434-220-8052 fred.turck@dof.virginia.gov National Association of State Foresters
Turner, Matt 858-877-0113 matt.turner@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Turner, Nancie 208-387-5276 nturner@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Uhl, Mary 505-930-5197 maryuhl@westar.org Other
Underwood, Dave 505-362-7029 ewing.underwood@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Vail, Ronald 541-504-7256 ronald.vail@usda.gov Forest Service
Van Bussum, Larry 208-334-9824 larry.vanbussum@noaa.gov Other
Van Hemelryck Kim 208-334-1552 kimberly_vanhemelryck@ios.doi.gov Other
VanHemelryck, Mike 208-387-5206 mike_van_hemelryck@nps.gov National Park Service
Varney, Dan 530-257-7601 dvarney@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Vernon, Carrie 559-565-3168 carrie_vernon@nps.gov National Park Service
Viengkham, Kohn 202-205-0859 khon.viengkham@usda.gov Forest Service
Viktora, Alex 520-799-8748 john.viktora@usda.gov Forest Service
Violante, George 906-978-6030 george.violante@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Voravong, Kevin 907-356-5742 kvoravong@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Wachter, Brent 505-414-0227 john.wachter@usda.gov john_wachter@firenet.gov Forest Service
Waddell, John 208-433-5073 jon_waddell@ios.doi.gov Other
Wade, Jamie 602-225-5256 jamie.wade@usda.gov Forest Service
Wadkins, Ilene 414-297-1068 ilene.wadkins@usda.gov Forest Service
Waldron, Alexis 406-529-3936 alexis.b.waldron@usda.gov Forest Service
Walker, Eric 505-954-2187 ewalker@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Wall, John 936-546-3109 jwall@tfs.tamu.edu National Association of State Foresters
Wallace, Barry 928-777-5702 barry.wallace@usda.gov Forest Service
Wallace, Jon 404-679-7244 jon_wallace@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Walters, Chris 907-356-5753 cawalters@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Walthers, Jeff 928-527-3552 jeff.walther@usda.gov Forest Service
Wamack, Chuck 208-334-6190 david_wamack@ios.doi.gov Other
Ward, Mike 404-347-3192 michael.d.ward@usda.gov Forest Service
Ware, Sean 928-777-5630 sean.ware@usda.gov Forest Service
Wartella, Judy 707-465-7721 judy_wartella@nps.gov National Park Service
Waters, Cory 252-475-0102 cory_waters@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Weber, Seth 208-634-9406 seth.weber@usda.gov Forest Service
Wegner, Melissa 406-329-4925 melissa.wegner@usda.gov Forest Service
Weinkauf, Lea 303-275-5711 lea.weinkauf@usda.gov Forest Service
Welbaum, Vince 303-445-4362 vince.welbaum@state.co.us National Association of State Foresters
Welch, Wendell 208-387-5959 wwelch@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Wells, Jennifer 530-675-2329 jennifer.wells2@usda.gov Forest Service
Whisenhunt, Doug 678-478-6226 doug.whisenhunt@ne.usda.gov National Association of State Foresters
White, Gary 541-330-9635 gary.white@glwa.us National Association of State Foresters
White, Robin 208-387-5463 robin.white@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
White, Shaina 602-379-6798 shaina.white@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Wickham, Jay 605-255-4216 jay.wickham@state.sd.us National Association of State Foresters
Wienk, Cody 402-20-3128 cody_wienk@nps.gov National Park Service
Wilcox, Chris 208-387-5599 chris_wilcox@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Wilke, Mike 520-202-2710 michael.wilke@usda.gov Forest Service
Wilkie, Shara 541-947-6315 swilkie@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Williams, Griff 541-975-5490 griffith.williams@usda.gov Forest Service
Williams, Joe 719-269-8528 joseph.l.williams@usda.gov Forest Service
Williamson, Katie 307-578-5740 katie.williamson@usda.gov Forest Service
Wilson, Jessica 208-387-5744 jessica.wilson@bia.gov Bureau of Indian Affairs
Winfield, Jay 208-993-0768 jay.winfield@usda.gov Forest Service
Winters, Brian 812-273-0783 brian_winters@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Wise, Brian 218-327-4578 brian.wise@usda.gov Forest Service
Wise, Ross 702-515-5465 ross_wise@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
Womack, Michael 434-983-2175 michael.womack@dof.virginia.gov National Association of State Foresters
Wood, Jay 406-821-4253 john.d.wood@usda.gov Forest Service
Wood, John 541-480-6272 john.m.wood@usda.gov Forest Service
Woods, Bruce 979-458-7362 bwoods@tfs.tamu.edu International Association of Fire Chiefs
Woods, Kelly 208-387-5639 kwoods@blm.gov Bureau of Land Management
Woods, Michelle 208-387-5493 michelle.l.woods@usda.gov Forest Service
Woods, Richard 61-2-62555722 wfireinv@bigpond.com Other
Woodwick, Matthew 218-322-2726 matthew.woodwick@state.mn.us National Association of State Foresters
Woolf, Lucas 928-245-7770 woolfinvestigations@gmail.com Forest Service
Workman, Fred 619-468-9245 fred_workman@fws.gov Fish and Wildlife Service
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Wylie, Scott 530-644-0200 scott.wylie@usda.gov Forest Service
Yancick, Jay 520-733-5168 jay_yancick@nps.gov National Park Service
Yohn, Bill 208-387-5212 bill_yohn@nps.gov National Park Service
Yonker, Nick 503- 945-7451 nyonker@odf.state.or.us National Association of State Foresters
Young, Rick 707-845-4316 rick_young@nps.gov National Park Service
Youngblom, Sandra 218-316-3820 Sandra.youngblom@state.mn.us National Association of State Foresters
Yuneman, Tom 646-957-6624 yunemat@fdny.nyc.gov International Association of Fire Chiefs
Yurkiewicz, Tim 520-799-8743 tim.yurkiewicz@usda.gov Forest Service
Zahn, Sue 909-382-2786 susan.zahn@usda.gov Forest Service
Ziel, Robert (Zeke) 906-869-3355 rhziel@alaska.edu National Association of State Foresters
Zimmermaker, Shawn 530-957-3896 shawn.zimmermaker@fire.ca.gov National Association of State Foresters
Zupko, Mike 770-267-9630 mike@zup-co-inc.com Other
Zylstra, Shirley 406-329-4859 shirley.zylstra@usda.gov Forest Service