S495 Course Unit

Image of a geospatial map of a burn area. At far right inset photo of a group of students and instructor discussing project at table. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The S-495 Course Unit provides national leadership in geospatial fire analysis training as required for the Long Term Analyst position to support wildland fire management. 

GeoMac map image of North America. Decorative.
  • Establish and maintain training goals and skills assessments.
  • Coordinate training delivery among Steering Committee, Fire Behavior Subcommittee, and National Advanced Fire Resource Institute (NAFRI, who provides Course Coordinator).
  • Develop training materials to address current wildland fire management direction and decision making.
  • Provide advanced geospatial fire analysis, interpretation and application skill based on the best available science.

Two subject matter experts in discussion; one pointing to a map on table, the other listening. Decorative.





Tonja Opperman, Chuck McHugh
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Deb Fleming
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