Data Standards, Proposed

NWCG data standards (data element and geospatial data layer) provide specifications that enable the common usage of data across wildland fire information systems.  For more information click on one of the following lists:

Comment on a proposed data standard

When a new or revised data standard is ready for review and comment, it will be posted here under Proposed Data Standards.

Proposed Data Standards

This list identifies data standards that have been proposed as a new NWCG data standard, or proposed revisions to an existing data standard. Proposed Data Standards are out for review for 30 days from the review date.  Please click on the data standard name to review the standard. For comments, please use the Data Standard Request Feedback Form.


Data Standard Review Date
ABCD Miscellaneous 8/15/2019
Date-Time 8/15/2019
Estimated Costs to Date 8/15/2019
Forest Service Job Code 8/16/2019
Forest Service Assisted Indicator 8/15/2019
Incident Dispatch Center ID 8/15/2019
Initial Latitude and Longitude 8/16/2019
Multi-Jurisdictional Indicator 8/15/2019
Fire Resource Status 8/15/2019
Incident Commander Name 8/15/2019
Incident Management Organization 8/15/2019
Weather Concerns 8/15/2019
First Name 7/31/2019
Created By System 7/31/2019
Created On Date Time 7/31/2019
Secondary Phone 7/31/2019
Primary Phone 7/31/2019
Primary Email 7/31/2019
Modified On Date Time 7/31/2019
Middle Name 7/31/2019
Modified By System 7/31/2019
Last Name 7/31/2019
Wildland Fire Cause 8/15/2019
Forest Service Override Code 8/16/2019
Point of Origin State 8/16/2019
Resource Quantity Current as of Date Time 8/16/2019
Capacity 8/19/2019
Evaluation 8/19/2019
Evaluation Comments 8/19/2019
Evaluation Timestamp 8/19/2019
Experience From Date 8/19/2019
Experience To Date 8/19/2019
Fitness Level 8/19/2019
Fulfillment Comment 8/19/2019
Fulfillment Status 8/19/2019
Home Dispatch Unit 8/19/2019
Incident Type Endorsement 8/19/2019
Is Location Tracking Enabled 8/19/2019
Is National Resource 8/19/2019
Is Primary Capability 8/19/2019
Is Quarantined 8/19/2019
Is Valid 8/19/2019
General Status 8/19/2019
VIN 8/20/2019
Tail Number 8/20/2019
Shape 8/20/2019
Serial Number 8/20/2019
Selection Area 8/20/2019
Resource SOR 8/20/2019
Owner Vendor 8/20/2019
Operational Status 8/20/2019
Operational Name 8/20/2019
Manager Contact Info 8/20/2019
Location Timestamp 8/20/2019
License Plate Number 8/20/2019

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