Fire Management Unit (New)

Request / Proposal: 
Create a data standard to represent fire management strategic direction spatially. This must consist of non-overlapping Fire Management Unit (FMU) data or Strategic Objective Shape data. FMU data are used to depict a land management area definable by objectives, management constraints, topographic features, access, values to be protected, political boundaries, fuel types, major fire regime groups, etc. that set it apart from the characteristics of an adjacent FMU. The FMU may have dominant management objectives and pre-selected strategies assigned to accomplish these objectives. Strategic Objective Shape data are intended to spatially represent the strategic objectives of the landscape and the unit boundary shape; it allows you to utilize shapes other than FMUs to visually depict their fire management direction. A Strategic Objective is a broad statement, specified in land/resource management or fire management plan that identifies change in water, soil, air, or vegetation from the present to proposed conditions, or describes an existing resource condition that should be maintained.
Stewardship Group: 
Geospatial Subcommittee, Interagency Fire Planning Committee