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Hazard Assessment and Prevention Toolkit for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Source:  Wildland Fire Medical and Public health Advisory Team (MPHAT)

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide information and templates for the wildland fire community to assess current infection control, testing, and workplace procedures relating to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the wildland fire environment. This toolkit is not a one-size fits all – Line Officers, Agency Administrators, Incident Management Teams (IMTs) and Fire Managers should modify the information below to fit their needs and assess their fire setting and environment.

Background Information

The first step is to identify, assess, and prepare background and contact information for each incident. This background information may be helpful to have readily available in hard copy if a case or contact is identified in the workplace and follow up activities are needed.

Fill out the background information form when applicable.

Forms Toolkit



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