Plans and Accomplishments for Post Wildfire Recovery Programs

PWRP decorative banner: photos depicting PWRP position.


BAER Plans and Accomplishment Reports from past fires to be used as examples and references.

Some of these documents are in the process of being made accessible.  Please contact NWCG if you need assistance having the documents read.

URL Attachment Attachment Project Title Year Category Source Key Words Forest Service BAER Burned Area Reports DB BAER USDA - FS Cayuse Mountain Fire BAER 2016 BAER DOI - BIA WA, Spokane Tribe Chimney Rocks Fire Burned Area Response Accomplishments in FY-2018 2018 BAR DOI - NPS KY, TN Coyote Fire Burned Area Rehabilitation Plan 2016 BAER DOI - NPS Texas, Guadalupe Mountains National Park Locust Fire BAER Accomplishment Report - Year One 2011 BAER DOI - BIA Uintah And Ouray Agency North Neola Fire 2005 BAER DOI - BIA Ute Tribe, Virginia Mountains Complex Tule Fire BAER Plan 2016 BAER DOI - BIA Nevada, Paiute Tribe

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