NWCG Position Catalog

Decorative banner. Various photos depicting wildland firefighting positions.
NWCG positions enable nationally interoperable wildland fire operations. Personnel are mobilized by position to work under NIMS-ICS principles on wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents. Position standards, qualifications requirements, and performance support capabilities are managed by the NWCG committees. Committee assignments are located at: https://www.nwcg.gov/positions/committee-assignments

The following Incident Incident Position Descriptions (IPDs) are currently available for review: CRWB, DIVS, ENGB, FELB, FFT1, FFT2, FIRB, HEQB, STCR, STEN, STEQ, TFLD
Position Title Position Code Functional Area Primary Committee
Advanced Faller FAL1 Operations OTC
Agency Representative AREP Command OTC
Air Operations Branch Director AOBD Air Operations NIAC
Air Support Group Supervisor ASGS Air Operations NIAC
Air Tactical Group Supervisor ATGS Air Operations NIAC
Aircraft Base Radio Operator ABRO Air Operations NIAC
Aircraft Dispatcher ACDP Dispatch NCSC
Aircraft Timekeeper ATIM Air Operations NIAC
Airtanker Base Manager ATBM Air Operations NIAC
Area Command Aviation Coordinator ACAC Air Operations NIAC

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