NWCG Position Catalog

Decorative banner. Various photos depicting wildland firefighting positions.
NWCG positions enable consistent and uniform performance by personnel mobilized by position under NIMS-ICS principles. The position catalog provides comprehensive information about each NWCG position. Positions are managed by the NWCG committees - https://www.nwcg.gov/positions/committee-assignments

The Position Catalog contains information on NWCG positions only- those for which NWCG establishes qualification standards. Agency-specific positions such as those located in the Federal Wildland Fire Qualifications Supplement are not included in this catalog.

The following Incident Position Descriptions (IPDs) are currently available for review: ABRO, ATIM, ATBM, DECK, EQTR, FIRB, FWBM, FWPT, HEBM, HLCO, HECM, HMGB, MXMS, PROC, PTRC, RAMP, RTCM, SEMG, TIME

The * after position titles denotes that the established FEMA National Qualifications System all-hazards position serves as the baseline for this NWCG wildland fire position.
Position Title Position Code Functional Area Primary Committee IPD Status
Claims Specialist CLMS Finance/Administration IBC ---
Commissary Manager CMSY Finance/Administration IBC ---
Compensation-for-Injury Specialist INJR Finance/Administration IBC ---
Compensation/Claims Unit Leader* COMP Finance/Administration IBC ---
Cost Unit Leader* COST Finance/Administration IBC ---
Equipment Time Recorder EQTR Finance/Administration IBC Under Review
Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 1* FSC1 Finance/Administration IBC ---
Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 2* FSC2 Finance/Administration IBC ---
Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 3* FSC3 Finance/Administration IBC ---
Incident Business Advisor INBA Finance/Administration IBC ---
Incident Contract Project Inspector ICPI Finance/Administration IBC ---
Personnel Time Recorder PTRC Finance/Administration IBC Under Review
Procurement Unit Leader* PROC Finance/Administration IBC Under Review
Time Unit Leader* TIME Finance/Administration IBC Under Review

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