NWCG Position Catalog

Decorative banner. Various photos depicting wildland firefighting positions.
NWCG positions enable nationally interoperable wildland fire operations. Personnel are mobilized by position to work under NIMS-ICS principles on wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents. Position standards, qualifications requirements, and performance support capabilities are managed by the NWCG committees. Committee assignments are located at: https://www.nwcg.gov/positions/committee-assignments

The following Incident Incident Position Descriptions (IPDs) are currently available for review: CRWB, DIVS, ENGB, FELB, FFT1, FFT2, FIRB, HEQB, STCR, STEN, STEQ, TFLD
Position Title Position Code Functional Area Primary Committee IPD Status
Assistant Area Commander, Logistics ACLC Logistics ETC ---
Base/Camp Manager BCMG Logistics ETC ---
Communications Unit Leader COML Logistics ETC ---
Equipment Manager EQPM Logistics ETC ---
Facilities Unit Leader FACL Logistics ETC ---
Food Unit Leader FDUL Logistics ETC ---
Ground Support Unit Leader GSUL Logistics ETC ---
Incident Communications Center Manager INCM Logistics ETC ---
Incident Communications Technician COMT Logistics ETC ---
Logistics Section Chief Type 1 LSC1 Logistics ETC ---
Logistics Section Chief Type 2 LSC2 Logistics ETC ---
Logistics Section Chief Type 3 LSC3 Logistics ETC ---
Medical Unit Leader MEDL Logistics RMC ---
Ordering Manager ORDM Logistics ETC ---
Radio Operator RADO Logistics ETC ---
Receiving/Distribution Manager RCDM Logistics ETC ---
Security Manager SECM Logistics ETC ---
Service Branch Director SVBD Logistics ETC ---
Supply Unit Leader SPUL Logistics ETC ---
Support Branch Director SUBD Logistics ETC ---

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