NWCG Position Catalog

Decorative banner. Various photos depicting wildland firefighting positions.

NWCG positions enable nationally interoperable wildland fire operations. Personnel are mobilized by position to work under NIMS-ICS principles on wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents. Position standards, qualifications requirements, and performance support capabilities are managed by the NWCG committees. Committee assignments are located at: https://www.nwcg.gov/positions/committee-responsibilities
Position Title Position Code Functional Area Primary Committee
Advanced Faller FAL1 Operations OTC
Basic Faller FAL3 Operations OTC
Crew Boss, Single Resource CRWB Operations OTC
Crew Representative CREP Operations OTC
Division/Group Supervisor DIVS Operations OTC
Engine Boss, Single Resource ENGB Operations OTC
Felling Boss, Single Resource FELB Operations OTC
Firefighter Type 1 (Squad Boss) FFT1 Operations OTC
Firefighter Type 2 (Crewmember) FFT2 Operations OTC
Firing Boss, Single Resource FIRB Operations FMC
Heavy Equipment Boss, Single Resource HEQB Operations OTC
Intermediate Faller FAL2 Operations OTC
Operations Branch Director OPBD Operations OTC
Operations Section Chief Type 1 OSC1 Operations OTC
Operations Section Chief Type 2 OSC2 Operations OTC
Operations Section Chief Type 3 OPS3 Operations OTC
Staging Area Manager STAM Operations OTC
Strike Team Leader Crew STCR Operations OTC
Strike Team Leader Engine STEN Operations OTC
Strike Team Leader Heavy Equipment STEQ Operations OTC
Structure Protection Specialist STPS Operations OTC
Task Force Leader TFLD Operations OTC