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NWCG Position Catalog

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NWCG positions enable consistent and uniform performance by personnel mobilized by position under NIMS-ICS principles. The position catalog provides comprehensive information about each NWCG position, those for which NWCG establishes qualifications standards. Agency-specific positions such as those located in the Federal Wildland Fire Qualifications Supplement are not included in this catalog.

Positions denoted with an asterisk (*) use the established FEMA National Qualifications System all-hazard position as the baseline for the NWCG wildland fire position.

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Position Title Position Code Functional Area Steward Key Stakeholders IPD Status
Assistant Area Commander, Planning ACPC Planning IPS Approved
Demobilization Unit Leader* DMOB Planning IPS Approved
Display Processor DPRO Planning IPS Approved
Documentation Unit Leader* DOCL Planning IPS Approved
Field Observer FOBS Planning IPS Approved
Fire Behavior Analyst FBAN Planning FBSC Incident Planning Subcommittee Approved
Fire Effects Monitor FEMO Planning FMC Incident Planning Subcommittee, Smoke Committee Approved
Geographic Information System Specialist* GISS Planning GSC Incident Planning Subcommittee Approved
Human Resource Specialist HRSP Planning HRSPU Incident Planning Subcommittee Approved
Incident Training Specialist TNSP Planning IPS Approved
Infrared Interpreter IRIN Planning GSC Incident Planning Subcommittee Approved
Interagency Resource Representative IARR Planning NCSC Incident Planning Subcommittee Approved
Long Term Fire Analyst LTAN Planning FBSC Incident Planning Subcommittee Approved
Planning Section Chief Complex PSCC Planning IPS Approved
Planning Section Chief Type 1* PSC1 Planning IPS Approved
Planning Section Chief Type 2* PSC2 Planning IPS Approved
Planning Section Chief Type 3* PSC3 Planning IPS Approved
Resources Unit Leader* RESL Planning IPS Approved
Situation Unit Leader* SITL Planning IPS Approved
Status/Check-In Recorder SCKN Planning IPS Approved
Strategic Operational Planner SOPL Planning FMC Fire Environment Committee, Incident Planning Subcommittee Approved

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