NWCG Position Catalog

Decorative banner. Various photos depicting wildland firefighting positions.

NWCG positions enable nationally interoperable wildland fire operations. Personnel are mobilized by position to work under NIMS-ICS principles on wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents. Position standards, qualifications requirements, and performance support capabilities are managed by the NWCG committees. Committee assignments are located at: https://www.nwcg.gov/positions/committee-responsibilities
Position Title Position Code Functional Area Primary Committee
Assistant Area Commander, Planning ACPC Planning OTC
Demobilization Unit Leader DMOB Planning OTC
Display Processor DPRO Planning OTC
Documentation Unit Leader DOCL Planning OTC
Field Observer FOBS Planning OTC
Fire Behavior Analyst FBAN Planning FENC
Fire Effects Monitor FEMO Planning FMC
Geographic Information System Specialist GISS Planning DMC
Human Resource Specialist HRSP Planning OTC
Incident Training Specialist TNSP Planning OTC
Infrared Interpreter IRIN Planning DMC
Interagency Resource Representative IARR Planning OTC
Long Term Fire Analyst LTAN Planning FENC
Planning Section Chief Type 1 PSC1 Planning OTC
Planning Section Chief Type 2 PSC2 Planning OTC
Planning Section Chief Type 3 PSC3 Planning OTC
Resources Unit Leader RESL Planning OTC
Situation Unit Leader SITL Planning OTC
Status/Check-In Recorder SCKN Planning OTC
Strategic Operational Planner SOPL Planning FMC