NWCG Position Catalog

NWCG wildland fire positions support the primary NWCG mission of enabling nationally interoperable wildland fire operations. Wildland firefighters and support personnel are mobilized by position to work under National Incident Management System – Incident Command System (NIMS-ICS) principles on wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents across the nation. NWCG position management is consistent with the National Incident Management System - National Qualification System (NIMS-NQS) Concept of Operations.NOTE: This part of the NWCG website is under development; until it is completed, please consider all information preliminary and subject to change. NWCG is developing this “Position Catalog” to house comprehensive position information in a single, web-based location where it can be readily accessed, used, and updated by all stakeholders. This effort is intended to:
  • Reduce system redundancy, duplication, and discrepancy.
  • Improve system efficiency and sustainability.
  • Support position performance.
Your assistance in this effort is critical. We will solicit input and involvement throughout the project, but interested stakeholders are welcome to provide constructive input at any time.