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Status/Check-In Recorder

SCKN decorative banner: photos depicting SCKN position. SCKN Position Description: Status/Check-in Recorders (SCKN) are used at each check in location to ensure that all resources assigned to an incident are accounted for. (Where practical, employ Demobilization Unit Leader (DMOB) as a Status/Check-in Recorder to ensure complete information is obtained at check-in.)

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SCKN Incident Position Description

The Status/Check-in Recorder (SCKN) ensures that all resources assigned to an incident are checked in and accounted for. The SCKN is supervised by the Resource Unit Leader (RESL) and works in the Planning functional area.
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Leadership Level 1, Follower (Provide Action)

  • For additional information review Level 1 description, expected behaviors and knowledge, suggested development goals, and self-study opportunities.

Prepare and Mobilize

  • Ensure individual readiness.
  • Gather critical information pertinent to the assignment.
  • Travel to and check in at the assignment.
  • Obtain briefing, objectives, and intent from the RESL.

Build The Team

  • Coordinate with RESL and other functional areas to obtain resources for workspace.
  • Establish a common operating picture with supervisor and coworkers.
  • Participate in operational briefings as directed.

Perform Status/Check-in Recorder-Specific Duties

  • Collect check-in data at staging areas, drop points, helibases, spike camps, etc., during the first operational period or as necessary.
  • Complete check-in functions and attend the first briefing to get initial attack (IA) resources checked in following IMT standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Direct incoming personnel to appropriate functional area or Resources Unit for further instructions.
  • Coordinate the status of resources with RESL prior to preparation of the Operational Planning Worksheet (ICS 215).
  • Provide information on the current status of resources to Situation Unit Leader (SITL) for completion of Incident Status Summary (ICS 209) within established time frames.
  • Coordinate with Demobilization Unit Leader (DMOB) to provide access to resource status system and other information.
  • Ensure incident resource qualifications match incident resource assignments.
  • Assist RESL with monitoring incident resource status (number of days worked in succession, work/rest requirements, contract limitations, etc.).
  • Ensure appropriate electronic database is current.
  • Assist with resource assignment extensions, as requested.

Communicate and Coordinate

  • Attend incident operational briefings and meetings as directed.
  • Participate in functional area briefings as directed.
  • Respond to requests for information about resources.
  • Ensure relevant information is exchanged during briefings and debriefings.
  • Conduct and/or participate in After Action Reviews (AAR).

Manage Risk

  • Ensure established guidelines are followed for work/rest, personal protective equipment (PPE), and communication.
  • Monitor for signs and symptoms of fatigue, illness, or injury. Mitigate appropriately.
  • Ensure compliance with all safety practices and procedures for yourself and those around you.


  • Prepare and submit completed original documents as appropriate for each operational period.
  • Provide input to Incident Status Summary (ICS 209) for SITL
  • Complete, authorize, ensure timeliness of, and route as required:


  • Coordinate demobilization for incident resources:
    • Anticipate the demobilization of resources.
    • Coordinate with the DMOB.
  • Ensure incident and agency demobilization procedures are followed.
  • Complete the demobilization checkout process before being released from the incident.
  • Upon demobilization, report your status to your home unit and incident supervisor, including estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the destination.


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