National Fire Danger Rating System Reference Materials (CD-ROM)

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PMS 933 Please refer to the NFES Catalog for ordering. In Catalog:National Fire Danger Rating System Reference Material, PMS 933 (2010) (Catalog) NFES 002687 $2.20 CD-ROM Major sections include: NFDRS Model, FireFamily, Climatology, Computations, Drought, Dead Fuel Moisture, Greenness, Pocket Card, Haines Index, Weather Stations, WIMS, Canadian System, Install Viewers. Documents on the CD include (not a complete list): Aids to Determining Fuel Models, Gaining a Basic Understanding of the NFDRS, Charts for Interpreting Wildland Fire Behavior, Fire Weather, and Atmospheric Conditions Related to Blowup Fires, and Fire Environment Concept.
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Jan 2010
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Jan 2010
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