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NWCG User Guide for Glossary of Wildland Fire

EDG Glossary Database Capabilities

  1. One entry per definition, not per term. Instead of having one term with multiple definitions, there is now a single definition per term and a term is used multiple times with a clarifying word in parentheses. For example:
    Screenshot showing one entry per definition
  2. Synonym has been replaced with alternative label in order to remove duplicate entries where two synonyms had the same definition. There will be one entry with a label and alternative label or labels.
    Screenshot showing an example of one entry with a label and alternative labels.
  3. It is now possible to see terms associated with a specific publication. This is in its infancy stages and will continue to grow with steward engagement.
    Screenshot of terms associated with a specific publication
  4. Terms have more ways to describe a relationship between other terms. Broader term, narrower term, related term, exact match, close match, and others can now be used to describe the relationships between terms; previously limited to See Also.
    Screenshot showing the relationship between terms
  5. More metadata about terms can be collected, including business rules, permissible values, status, key stakeholders and stewards, and more.
  6. All terms are lowercase unless they are a proper noun or have an acronym.

How to Comment

When viewing any term, click on the Explore button and submit a comment using the Send Feedback option.
Screenshot of the comment box

A steward will then have the ability to mark the comment as Resolved or Declined.

What This Means for Stewards

Additional instructions will be available as the workflow template in EDG is customized. A few features:

  1. Terms and definitions can be edited directly in EDG in a working copy of the glossary.
  2. Automatic notifications will be enabled, so EDG will automatically notify the identified stewards when a comment is received.
  3. Users will be able to easily see where a term is in the process.


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