National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Kit – First Aid, Type III, 24-person

NFES Number: 
Storage and Shelf Life Checks: 
Storage and Shelf Life Procedure: 
1. Inspect expiration dates of contents annually. Replace components as necessary.
2. Store in climate controlled environment.

Initial Inspection/Disposal Criteria

  1. Inspect case and/or bag for excessive wear and cleanliness. Inspect belt and buckles for serviceability.
  2. Open case and/or bag and inspect contents.
    1. Standard updated packing slip should be utilized while inventorying contents.
    2. Inspect contents and inspect expiration dates. Dispose of expired items.
    3. Inspect any items that require sanitary packaging for tears or other damage: dispose of if torn or damaged.
  3. Return to stock if item contents aren’t expired, kit seals are intact and item is clean and in unused condition.
  4. Refurbish if item seals are missing or broken, components were used, or if kit contains expired item.
  5. Dispose of damaged or expired components. Dispose of entire kit if it is not economically feasible to refurbish. Refurbishing Procedures


  1. Clean bag as necessary. Allow any mud or loose dirt to dry, and remove using a stiff-bristle brush. If stains remain, wash as recommended below.
  2. Remove light oil and dirt stains by brushing with a solution of warm water and a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and hang to dry. “Mild detergents” includes most home laundry detergents that contain no chlorine bleach or added scents.
  3. For heavier oil or grease, soak in water-soluble biodegradable degreaser for at least 30 minutes, brush with a bristle brush, rinse thoroughly, and hang to dry.
  4. If machine washing, use only cold water on a gentle cycle and air dry.
  5. Where no other method is cleaning the fabric, wash with pressure washer set at wide fan, warm water, and only allow nozzle close enough as necessary for cleaning, the further away the better for the fabric. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. DO NOT USE BLEACH.

B. Repair

  1. Repair, or replace case and/or bag as needed.
  2. Replace damaged or expired items.

C. Testing for Performance--none

D. Repackaging

  1. Utilizing packing slip, replace items in elastic retainers or inside case.
  2. Hook belt buckles together and fold against back of bag on belt kit.
  3. Enclose in a clear plastic bag with kit label and expiration dates visible and then heat seal bag.
  4. Package 10 each NFES #001143 in NFES #002007 carton (24” x 16” x 16”).
  5. Package 10 each NFES #001604 in NFES# 002030 carton (24” x 16” x 12”).


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