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Kit – Shelter, 16’ Octagon

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Storage and Shelf Life Checks: 

This item has been deleted from the NFES catalog.

National Caches are not stocking or refurbishing this item.

Initial Inspection/Disposal Criteria

  1. Inspect packing list and instructions. Refer to NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalog for a complete list of kit components.
    1. Assemble the mainframe and components according to instructions. All locking pins and flex joints should move easily.
    2. Inspect for burrs on all components of mainframe, eve bars, and base bars.
    3. Loosen flex joints and remove burrs as needed.
  2. Inspect and install door. Door should open and close easily.
  3. Inspect roof and wall panels for any tears or rips and repair as needed.
  4. Inspect windows and screens in wall panels. Repair or replace where necessary.
  5. Check for broken welds on key flange, repair by bolting.
  6. Return to stock if shelter was not used, all kit contents are accounted for, and the shelter is clean.
  7. Refurbish kit if the shelter was used or is missing components.
  8. Disposal of complete kits is not recommended. Seek direction from local cache management for specific disposal criteria. Components that are damaged beyond repair should be disposed of and replaced with like items.

Refurbishing Procedures

A. Cleaning

  1. Clean main frame and misc. parts with a damp cloth and mild detergent if necessary.
  2. Clean the roof and wall panels with a mild detergent and water solution. Use a brush to remove hard dirt and grime or high pressure wash. Rinse well.
  3. Air dry completely before repackaging.

B. Repair

  1. Repair or replace any part of the main frame as needed. Bolt key flange.
  2. When dismantling, wipe all component parts with a damp cloth and return to proper container.
  3. Repair any holes, tears or rips as needed.
  4. Ensure that all locking buttons snap into place.
  5. Ensure that the Velcro is dry on all panels before folding and placing in proper container.
  6. Stencil main frame with property number, stencil inside the center roof ring.
  7.  Ensure that all kit components are accounted for prior to repacking.

C. Testing for Performance

  • none

D. Repackaging

  1. Repack according to manufacturer’s instructions and local cache option.
  2. Ensure that installation/assembly instructions are included in package.



Replacement parts may be obtained by contacting:
Western Shelter Systems
830 Wilson Street
Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541–344–7267


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