National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Lantern – Camp, Electric, Fluorescent

NFES Number: 
Storage and Shelf Life Checks: 

Initial Inspection/Disposal Criteria

  1. Inspect for broken lens, cracked cases, missing bulbs, broken switches, or leaked battery acid in battery compartment.
  2. Install batteries and inspect lantern condition and performance.  Remove batteries after inspection.
  3. Return to stock if item is in clean, serviceable condition with fully functioning components.
  4. Refurbish if item is easily and economically cleaned and repaired to like new condition.
  5. Dispose of item if item is damaged beyond repair.

Refurbishing Procedures

A. Cleaning

  • Use a soft cloth to clean lens and battery compartment as necessary.

B. Repair

  1. Remove batteries from battery compartment.
  2. Replace bulbs if necessary: USE APPROPRIATE REPLACEMENT BULBS
    • F6T5/CW (6 watt)
    • F9W (9 watt)
    • HS/S15W/6500K (15 watt)

C. Testing for performance

  1. Install batteries to test operation of switch and bulbs.
  2. Remove batteries prior to storage.

D. Repackaging

  • Local cache option.  Recommended 4 each in NFES #008017 carton (18” x 12” x 10”).


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