National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Mat, Sleeping – 3/8” x 23 5/8” x 74 ¾”, Polyethylene

NFES Number: 
Storage and Shelf Life Checks: 

Initial Inspection/Disposal Criteria

  1. Visually inspect for exposure to bodily fluids, any cuts, splits, tears, holes or cracks, cleanliness or the presence of foreign matter. Inspect for uniformity in material; if it contains large voids or inclusions. Note: Tie straps are not a requirement for serviceability.  Remove singular tie straps or straps that are damaged.
  2. Return to stock if item is in clean serviceable condition with no signs of soiling, use, or damage.
  3. Refurbish if item is easily cleaned and in serviceable condition.
  4. Dispose of item if item has been exposed to bodily fluids, contains cut or damage, voids, inclusions, or the presence of foreign matter that cannot be removed through cleaning.

Refurbishing Procedures


  1. If mat is wet, wash with a mild detergent, expose to sun or other heat source until dry.
  2. If mat is dry, brush with stiff-bristle brush to eliminate dirt or other foreign matter.
  3. Blow off remaining dust or fine dirt particles with high-pressure air hose or vacuum.
  4. Disinfect with mild detergent and air dry.

B. Repair

  • None

C. Testing for performance

  • None

D. Repackaging

  • Repack 50 each in original carton (if serviceable) or use NFES #008213  Carton – Fiberboard 76" X 24 1/2" X 21 1/2"


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