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McLeod – 11” Wide w/Plastic Sheath

NFES Number: 
Storage and Shelf Life Checks: 

Initial Inspection/Disposal Criteria

  1. Inspect for obvious damage to cutting edge, rake fingers, and handle.  Inspect for broken blades, loose heads, missing or severely bent fingers, short or nonstandard handles.
    1. Head
      • Blade to be at least 10 to 14 inches wide from handle base.  USE TEMPLATE
      • Handle base not tilted, bent, or distorted.
      • Blade ends have not been rounded or severely tapered so that they cannot be ground to specifications.
      • Proper angle of cutting edge as per tool sharpening gauge NFES #000510.
    2. Handle
      • Handle must be straight.
      • Inspect for cracks, chips, or open grain.
      • Head loose on handle (loose or missing rivets).
      • Inspect for tape residue, or other residue (tar, sap, etc.).
  2. Return to stock if item does not show signs of use and passes visual inspection.
  3. Refurbish if damage is detected in the inspection process and is repairable or handle is replaceable
  4. Dispose of item if cutting edge is severely damaged, rake fingers are cracked or missing, or handle base is cracked or damaged.

Refurbishing Procedures

A. Cleaning and Repair

  1. Head
    1. Remove dirt, rust and grime from head with wire brush or hose.
    2. Square up blade if necessary.
    3. Sharpen cutting edge 1/8-inch wide at 50° angle. Ensure that blade corners are square.
    4. Check large nut on head and tighten or replace as needed.   Sharply strike rivet to tighten head to handle as needed.
    5. Apply rust inhibitor to tool head.  Local cache option for painting tool head.    Black paint only.
    6. Replace as necessary.
  2. Handle
    1. Sand handle if it is chipped, dinged, rough or has tape residue. 
    2. Wipe handle with linseed oil after sanding.

B. Test for Performance

  1. Ensure tool is properly sharpened with no deficiency to materials or craftsmanship.
  2. Ensure head and handle are properly attached with no play caused by a loose head or handle.

C. Repackaging

  1. Install plastic sheath NFES #001854.
  2. Package 10 each in NFES #000305 carton (56” x 20” x 11”).


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