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Tent – 2 Person

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2-person tent

Initial Inspection/Disposal Criteria

  1. Inspect immediately upon return for moisture, mold, or mildew.
  2. Inspect tent body and fly for any tears, holes, burns, zippers that do not provide adequate closure or unraveled seams that are not economically repairable.  Tears or holes smaller than 1 inch or 3 holes each less the ½ inch are repairable.
  3. Inspect for any missing components including any missing stretch cords or plastic hooks missing on rain fly, poles, or stakes.
  4. Inspect poles and stakes for cracks or broken poles, cracked or broken hinge joints, and bent or broken stake poles.
  5. Return to stock if tent is dry, clean, and in unused condition.
  6. Refurbish if item is free of mildew and mold, easily cleaned and any damages are economically feasible to repair.
  7. Dispose of tent if mold or mildew is present, if it fails initial inspection or if repairs are not economically feasible.

​Refurbishing Procedures

A. Cleaning

  1. Set up tent, sweep and remove dirt and debris.
  2. Wash with water and mild soap, rinse, and air dry.
  3. Remove dirt from tent stakes with a wire brush or water and mild soap.
  4. Use non staining non bleach products if sanitizing the inside of the tent.
  5. Allow tent, tent bag, and fly to air dry. 

B. Repair

  1. Replace broken poles and nonfunctioning hardware.
  2. Straighten bent stakes and remove burrs as necessary.
  3. Repair holes, tears, and seams following manufacturer’s recommendations. Use Tear Aid ® Type A patches to repair small holes.

C. Testing for Performance

  • Set up tent with the fly; test hinge joints for smooth operation.  Open and close all zippers ensuring adequate closure. Ensure correct fly and fly pole are with the tent.

D. Repackaging

  1. Collapse the tent and roll up so it fits in the bag. Add the fly and fly pole as well as the tent stakes (6 each). Photo below shows the parts needed. Seal the bag zipper with a small zip tie and place the complete bag into the box.
  2. 1 each in NFES #008073 carton (30” x 6” x 6”).
  3. 6 each in NFES #008081 carton (14.5” x 19.5” x 30”).

2-person tent bag and parts displayed on ground.


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