Coast Guard (Oregon)

Geographic Area:
Coast Guard
Map Location:
Astoria, OR
Map Location Number:
Make & Model:
Note: Photo may be only a representation of the available helicopter and is not necessarily a photo of the actual helicopter
Jayhawk (HH-60J)

Jayhawk (HH-60J), photographer Brandon Weeks
Helicopter Type:
Hoist Type:
Goodrich (rated 600lbs./250' cable)
FM Radio Programmable:
Ordering Procedure:
911 Dispatch centers should coordinate requests for military, Coast Guard, and National Guard resources through the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) at phone #: 800-851-3051.

May be tasked for inland rescue by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center if no other resources are available. Seldom go east of the Interstate. Reluctant to put aircraft into active fire environment. Information provided by district # 13, Coast Guard Command Center (phone # 206-220-7001).

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