National Park Service (Yosemite)

Geographic Area:
Southern California
National Park Service
Map Location:
Yosemite NP
Map Location Number:
Make & Model:
Note: Photo may be only a representation of the available helicopter and is not necessarily a photo of the actual helicopter
Bell 205

Bell 205
Helicopter Type:
Hoist Type:
None. Aircraft is also capable of rappel to maximum of 300'.
FM Radio Programmable:
Ordering Procedure:
Contact: Yosemite Dispatch, 209-379-1999. Order through normal ordering process. Forest/unit place to GACC, GACC will place to Yosemite ECC.

Day missions only. Must have prior approval to leave the park except on initial attack fires with local neighbors. Rescue is a priority, but agency will not let the helicopter be on standby for a fire rescue/medivac. If on a current rescue, it will not be available until it completes that mission to be available for another mission.

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