Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (Tamiami & Opa-locka airports)

Geographic Area:
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (Tamiami & Opa-locka airports)
Map Location:
Miami-Dade, FL
Map Location Number:
Make & Model:
Note: Photo may be only a representation of the available helicopter and is not necessarily a photo of the actual helicopter
4-Bell 412 EP

Bell 412 EP, photographer Adrian Pingstone
Recovery Device or Method:
FM Radio Programmable:
Ordering Procedure:

GACC or 911 dispatch centers should coordinate requests through 911 Miami-Dade County Dispatch.

Administrative Information:



When you dial 911 from a land line in Miami-Dade County, it gets routed to the appropriate regional 911 receiving center. The address that you are calling from will automatically come up in the system, but the operator will ask you for the address anyway for verification, and in case the emergency is not at the exact location that you are calling from.

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