Active Military - Air Force (Davis-Monthan Air Force Reserve)

Geographic Area:
Active Military - Air Force (Davis-Monthan Air Force Reserve)
Map Location:
Tucson, AZ
Map Location Number:
Make & Model:
Note: Photo may be only a representation of the available helicopter and is not necessarily a photo of the actual helicopter
Pavehawk (HH60)

Pavehawk (HH60)
Helicopter Type:
Hoist Type:
Breeze Eastern/Lucas Western (Rated 600 lbs./200' cable)
FM Radio Programmable:
Ordering Procedure:
GACC or 911 dispatch centers should coordinate requests for military, Coast Guard, and National Guard resources through the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) at phone #: 800-851-3051.

Direct contact: 305 RQS, Lt. Col Nathan Horner, Ops Desk phone # 520-228-2168 or 520-228-2316 or 520-228-5290

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