National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Job Aids for UAS Operations

UAS Operations Kit

UAS crewmembers should have and maintain a kit. The following items are recommended:

  1. Handheld radios (AM and FM).
  2. BadElf GPS Pro+.
  3. Computer with agency approved software, including:
    1. Flight Planning Software.
    2. Adobe Pro.
    3. ArcMap with Full Motion Video (FMV) and Spatial Analyst extensions.
    4. Photogrammetry Software.
    5. Google Earth.
  4. Tablet.
    1. GCS app.
    2. ForeFlight app.
    3. Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) provider.
    4. Avenza app.
    5. GAIA app.
  5. High-capacity portable hard drive.
  6. Portable internet connection (Wi-Fi/smart phone).
  7. Frequency guide.
  8. Batteries and cables.
  9. Flashlight.
  10. Camera.
  11. Overnight Bag.
  12. Maps.
    1. Current FAA sectional chart coverage area.
    2. Agency maps.
    3. Local hazard map (from dispatch).
    4. Incident map (updated daily).


  1. Aviation Safety Communiqué (SAFECOM): FS-5700-14 and OAS-34.
  2. National Interagency Mobilization Guide.
  3. Geographic (agency) mobilization guide.
  4. Local mobilization guide.
  5. Agency aviation management manuals/handbooks.
  6. USDI–USDA aircraft radio communications and frequency guide.
  7. Agency aviation plan.
  8. NWCG Aviation Mishap Response Guide and Checklist, PMS 503.
  9. Applicable UAS operator manual/user guide.





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