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UAS Incursions

The following information pertains to UAS incursion during incident operations.

A UAS incursion is defined as a non-participating UAS operating over or near an incident that intrudes into a TFR or interferes with fire management efforts. The incursion is documented through the appropriate reporting system such as SAFECOM, SAFENET, or a reporting system used by one of the states. Refer to the UAS incursion protocol flowchart for more information.


  1. UAS are like any other hazard, “If you see something, say something.”
  2. Incident personnel should report all unauthorized UAS activity via the SAFECOM system. UAS information (color, size, altitude, flight pattern) should be reported if known. All UAS incursions should be reported to FAA through established reporting systems.
  3. Dispatch centers should report UAS incursions to the nearest Air Traffic Control Center.
  4. Safety of flight should be primary over any incident aircraft locating the operator.
  5. The FAA provides additional guidance for law enforcement personnel.


NWCG Unmanned Aircraft System Incursion Protocol for Wildland Firefighters organizational chart.

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