Unmanned Aircraft Systems Risk Assessments

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations can be small to large and vary in complexity. Though UAS are unmanned there is still an inherent risk associated with flight operations.  UAS are still considered aircraft and should be treated like any other aircraft when considering the need for Risk Assessments (RA).  Risk is the product of hazards associated with conducting operations in a specific flight environment and the potential for those identified hazards to affect the outcome of the mission/flight.  RAs help to identify potential hazards, the effect they could have on mission outcome, and mitigations that might help to lessen those outcomes. For all UAS operations RAs should be part of the mission planning.

The links provided will direct you to RAs categorized by System and Sub-System. For your specific mission you may need information provided on multiple pages.  Please take the time to review all System and Sub-System pages that relate to your specific mission/aircraft. The RAs provided have been submitted and/or reviewed by the interagency committees and subcommittees with mission expertise related to the specific RAs.  The Aviation Risk Management Subcommittee (ARMS) has approved these RAs for inclusion in the NWCG Aviation Risk Management Workbook, PMS 530-1.  You will find the Page Last Modified / Reviewed date at the bottom of each RA to help identify the most recent version/content. If you identify additional hazards and mitigations which need to be added or if you recognize revisions that need to be made to existing RAs, please Submit Revision/Recommendation.  You will find additional directions on how to submit information on that page.  If you need direction regarding how to use this workbook, please reference How to Use Workbook where you will find specific guidance on how best to utilize this information.

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