Backup and Share Incident Data

Frequent backup of incident data is a critical step in the GISS Workflow. A backup should be made of the incident data after each edit session and the Master Projects should be backed up daily as a set (and optionally individually after major updates).

Data should be backed up not only within the GeoOps Directory Structure, but the entire directory should be backed up to a secondary physical drive at least daily. Hard drives fail under normal conditions and ICPs are often anything but.

Backup of incident data is necessary to:

  • Minimize disruption and delay in the event of data corruption, loss, or unavailability.
  • Ensure access to incident data and products.
  • Ensure effective and efficient team transition.
  • Preserve the incident record.

Job Aids

  1. Backup, Share, and Archive.
  2. Incident Periodic Backup Tool (ArcMap only).
  3. RoboCopy Archive Tool (ArcMap and Pro).

Backup, Share, and Archive.

Backup, Share, and Archive - Demo.

Presentation Notes - Backup, Share, and Archive.


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