Dynamic Text

Dynamic text changes dynamically based on the current properties of the project and allows for the insertion of automatically updating values into the layout. Dynamic text works using tags, like HTML, and can be added on its own or in conjunction with static text.

It is very useful to automate some of the more tedious aspects of map creation such as updating each map's creation date and time, providing the file path of the map document, and now with Pro: setting the incident information (name, local ID) and updating the fire acres for every project at once using dynamic text set to a table value.

Using dynamic text can be an enormous benefit to the consistency and accuracy of map creation.

Job Aids

Dynamic Text in the Pro Project Template

Each layout in the Pro Project Template comes preconfigured with dynamic text. Instructions for use are included in a text element in each layout.

Pro Project Template preconfigured dynamic text.

Pro Project Template preconfigured dynamic text.

  • Elements highlighted in Yellow are sourced from the Map View Metadata. These will apply to all templates in that APRX.
  • Elements highlighted in Green are sourced from the DynamicTextUpdate table. These will apply to all the templates in all the APRXs for the incident.
  • The date/time and datum are sourced from the system.

Dynamic text diagram for layouts

Click on the diagram to display example values for an Operations Map and an IAP Map.

Dynamic text diagram for layouts.


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