Creating an Edit GDB

Good internet connectivity isn't always available at the Incident Command Post (ICP). GISS should be prepared to work completely offline if necessary.

If utilizing the National Incident Feature Service (NIFS) and a Local Copy is not an option, creating an Edit GDB is the disconnected alternative.

Within the GeoOps Incident Directory Structure, in the /tools folder, there is an empty Event GDB. A copy of this should be placed in the \incident_data\edit folder and renamed to the GeoOps standard with _edit added to the end. Eg. \2020_ExampleFire\incident_data\edit\2020_ExampleFire_ABC123_Event_ArcPro23_edit.gdb

The Edit GDB highlighted in the proper location within the GeoOps folder structure.

Open the Edit Project and repair the links in the Edit Map to point to the Event Feature Classes in the Edit GDB just created.

Just like a Local Copy, all editing should be done in this geodatabase and no products should be created from it. Once edits are complete, a copy of it will be used to create the Master Incident GDB.



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