Update the Master Incident GDB

GISS Workflow Diagram: Update the Master Incident GDB

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GIS Workflow, explained below

Update the Master Incident GDB – Done After Every Edit Cycle

  1. Back up Offline Copy
    1. Determine the path and name of the Offline Copy
    2. Synchronize the current Offline Copy with the NIFS
    3. Convert the Offline Copy (mobile GDB) to a backup GDB (file GDB).  Save into the daily backup folder under incident_data\backups and name following GeoOps.
  2. Replace Master Incident GDB – Copy the backup to the incident data folder and rename it, following GeoOps naming convention to become the new Master Incident GDB.

Overview of Implementing the Master Incident GDB

The Master Incident GDB is the File GDB used for all incident map creation stored in the \incident_data folder. When utilizing the National Incident Feature Service, it is simply a copy of the Offline Copy created after edits are complete. The Master Incident GDB must be replaced each time updates are made to the service that will need to be reflected in printed maps.

NOTE: Never edit the Master Incident GDB. All data edits should be completed in the Edit Project.

The Offline Copy will be a Mobile Geodatabase. This format should be converted to File Geodatabase for full functionality.

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