The National Incident Feature Services (NIFS) can be accessed (viewed and/or edited) in several different ways and places but, in each case, everyone is still looking at the same data. This is one of the advantages of using the NIFS.

Access via NIFC ArcGIS Online

Within the NIFC ArcGIS Online Organization (NIFC Org), the NIFS can be found within the Incident Resources group.

The appropriate layers have also been added and configured into web map templates to streamline setup and distribution to field personnel. The templates should be the starting point for the majority of users.

Incident Resources Group (required login to NIFC ArcGIS Online Organization)

Request a NIFC ArcGIS Online Account on the home page.

Access via EGP Web Interface

This method allows GISS or other users access to view and edit the NIFS through the EGP viewers, Situation Analyst, or Fire Globe. This option is only available to wildland fire cooperators.

EGP Site:

Access via NIFC Open Data

Incident data within the NIFS that has been approved for public use is available on the NIFC Open Data Site. Both current and past year data sets are available.

NIFC Open Data Site:



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