The National Incident Feature Services (NIFS) has an Archive function to track and store any edits made to the NIFS. The Archive functions as follows:

  • The NIFS Event Archive feature service is hosted on Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP), and is visible to but not editable by those with the Geographic Information System Specialist (GISS) role in EGP and valid credentials.
  • Whenever a record is edited or deleted in the Event_GISSEdit feature service, a copy of the original record is added to the NIFS Archive. In this way, an entire edit history of the records on Event_GISSEdit are preserved.
  • The Archive can be used to recover deleted data.
  • When combined with the Event_GISSEdit feature service, the Archive can be used to view all data related to an incident.
  • The Archive should not be used as a backup.
  • The GISS can move a feature to Archive by deleting it in the Event_GISSEdit feature service.
  • The fields GDB_FROM_DATE and GDB_TO_DATE in the Archive feature service can be used to determine when the feature existed on the Event_GISSEdit service.
  • All EGP users with the GISS role and valid credentials can see all records on the service, regardless of attribution.
  • Perimeters and other data that have been removed from the Event_GISSEdit service due to fall-off rules can be found in the Archive.
  • At the end of each calendar year, the archive is copied to a yearly archive, which can be accessed in two ways:
    • Via EGP services: GISS/Event_{Year}Data – all data.
    • Via NIFC Open Data Site – only approved, non-sensitive data. Contact information removed.


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