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With the retirement of the GeoMAC website for data hosting and public data distribution in 2019, another method of delivering incident geospatial information to the public was needed. The decision was made to use existing capabilities of ESRI's ArcGIS Online platform to meet that need. The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) “Open Data” site is a feature of ArcGIS Online, which creates a publicly accessible, searchable website. Open Data sites make authoritative data easy to find and access in multiple commonly used formats.  Making perimeters that have been approved for sharing with the public accessible through the NIFC Open Data site has a number of key benefits:

  • Users can access the data in their preferred format - shapefile, geodatabase, spreadsheet, or several flavors of web service.
  • Perimeter data can be shared from the same site as other wildland fire reference data, including dispatch boundaries, Geographic Area boundaries, and predictive service areas.
  • Open Data sites are cloud-hosted and scale to the load put on them, depending on traffic, reducing the cost and management workload of providing public-facing data.

The NIFC Open Data site URL is and requires no login or password.


The following perimeter data sets are publicly available through the NIFC Open Data Site.

Wildfire Perimeters

  • Contains perimeters from the National Incident Feature Services (NIFS) Event_GISSEdit service above that meet the following query: FeatureCategory = 'Wildfire Daily Fire Perimeter' AND IsVisible = 'Yes' AND FeatureAccess = 'Public'
    AND FeatureStatus = 'Approved'
  • An automated workspace runs every 5 minutes to ensure that the public service is up-to-date.
  • As perimeters “fall off” the NIFS Event_GISSEdit service, they are also removed from the public fire perimeters service.
  • This service is intended to meet the requirements currently met by the GeoMAC “Latest Perimeters” service.
  • NIFC ArcGIS Online direct link to Wildfire Perimeters.

Archived Wildfire Perimeters

  • The public fire perimeter archive displays perimeters from the NIFS Event_Archive service above that meet the following query: FeatureCategory = 'Wildfire Daily Fire Perimeter' AND IsVisible = 'Yes' AND FeatureAccess = 'Public'
    AND FeatureStatus = 'Approved'
  • Fire perimeters that were removed from the Public Fire Perimeters service due to fall-off rules can be found on this service.
  • This service is updated with new or changed archived perimeters every 4 hours at 0105, 0505, 0905, 1305, 1705, and 2105.
  • This service is intended to meet the requirements currently met by the GeoMAC “All Current Year Perimeters” service.
  • NIFC ArcGIS Online direct link to Archived Wildfire Perimeters.


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