PMS 936 Symbology Line

Probably want a quick intro here.

Symbology: Point | Line | Polygon

Symbol Category Symbol Symbol Name Category Link to NWCG Glossary (if one exists) Notes
Line Active Burnout Ops
Line Access or Improved Road Reference
Line Foam Drop Air Ops
Line Aerial Hazard Air Ops
Line Aerial Ignition Air Ops
Line Retardant Drop Air Ops
Line Water Drop Air Ops
Line Completed Burnout Ops
Line Completed Dozer Line Ops
Line Completed Hand Line Ops
Line Completed Plow Line Ops
Line Edge of Imagery IR
Line Escape Route Safety
Line Explosive Line Ops
Line Fire Break Planned or Incomplete Ops
Line Fire Spread Prediction Fire
Line Highlighted Manmade Feature Reference
Line Line Break Completed Ops
Line Management Action Point Ops
Line Other Reference
Line Planned Fireline Ops
Line Planned Secondary Line Ops
Line Proposed Dozer Line Ops
Line Proposed Burnout Ops
Line Ridge/Geographic Feature Reference
Line Road as Completed Line Ops
Line Temporary Flight Restriction Air Ops
Line UAS Launch and Recovery Zone Air Ops
Line Uncontrolled Fire Edge Fire
Line Solid black line Contained Fire Edge Ops Change for 2020 season