PMS 936 Symbology Polygon

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Symbology: Point | Line | Polygon

Symbol Category Symbol Symbol Name Category Link to NWCG Glossary (if one exists) Notes
Polygon Active Burnout Ops
Polygon Area Covered by IR Flight IR Added glossary term for Infrared (IR).
Polygon Solid rectangle with darker outline. Closure Area Safety
Polygon A rectangle with bold outline and crosshatch marks inside. Cloud Cover IR
Polygon A rectangular box with outline around border broken. Completed Burnout Ops
Polygon Rectangle with outline in dash form. Evacuation Area Safety
Polygon Rectangle with solid outline. IR Heat Perimeter IR
Polygon Rectangle with six diagonal lines and an outer border. IR Intense Heat IR
Polygon Rectangle with six diagonal lines and a border. IR Scattered Heat IR
Polygon Rectangle with solid border. Other Reference
Polygon Solid rectangle with thin darker border. Prescribed Fire Fire
Polygon Rectangle with broken line around border. Proposed Burnout Ops
Polygon Rectangle with thin line around border and seven thin diagonal lines with seven medium dashed lines within. Retardant Avoidance Area Air Ops
Polygon Rectangle with dark border and six diagonal lines within. Unburned Island Fire
Polygon Solid rectangle with dark border. Value at Risk Value
Polygon Solid rectangle with a darker border. Wildfire Daily Fire Perimeter Fire