National Wildfire Coordinating Group

NWCG Position Task Book Catalog

Position Task Book decorative banner. Four photos of wildland fire operations with two pages of position task books. Female dispatcher pointing to an area on a wall map while reading papers. A firefighter walking at night using drip torch to ignite grasses. Female firefighter talking on a handheld radio. Far right photo of Navajo Hotshot pointing at heading on position task book paper.

NWCG position task books (PTBs) are a key component of the qualification process for specified NWCG positions. The PTB provides an observable, measurable, and standardized means to evaluate and document trainee proficiency. Evaluation Records and PTB Verification/Certifications may be completed in hard copy or electronically provided all documentation is available to the Evaluator.

NWCG member agencies maintain agency-specific position task books. These are available at

Task Books by functional area:
Air Operations | Area Command | Command & General Staff | Dispatch | Finance | Logistics | Operations | Planning | Prescribed Fire | Prevention & Investigation

Position Code PMS# Position Task Book Primary Committee Maintained By Date Published
COMP, PROC, TIME 311-47 Compensation/Claims Unit Leader, Procurement Unit Leader, Time Unit Leader IBC Incident Business Committee 2016-10
COST 311-48 Cost Unit Leader IBC Incident Business Committee 2009-06
FSC3 311-50 Finance Section Chief Type 3 IBC Incident Business Committee 2017-10
FSCC 311-146 Finance/Administration Section Chief Complex IBC Incident Business Committee 2023-01
FSC1 311-46 Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 1 IBC Incident Business Committee 2023-02
INBA 311-65 Incident Business Advisor IBC Incident Business Committee 2014-10
ICPI 311-49 Incident Contract Project Inspector IBC Incident Business Committee 2012-10
PTRC, EQTR, CMSY 311-51 Personnel Time Recorder, Equipment Time Recorder, Commissary Manager IBC Incident Business Committee 2016-10