NWCG Position Task Book Catalog

Position Task Book decorative banner. Four photos of wildland fire operations with two pages of position task books. Female dispatcher pointing to an area on a wall map while reading papers. A firefighter walking at night using drip torch to ignite grasses. Female firefighter talking on a handheld radio. Far right photo of Navajo Hotshot pointing at heading on position task book paper.

NWCG position task books (PTBs) are a key component of the qualification process for specified NWCG positions. The PTB provides an observable, measurable, and standardized means to evaluate and document trainee proficiency. Evaluation Records and PTB Verification/Certifications may be completed in hard copy or electronically provided all documentation is available to the Evaluator.

NWCG member agencies maintain agency-specific position task books. These are available at https://www.nwcg.gov/publications/agency-taskbooks.

Task Books by functional area:
Air Operations | Area Command | Command & General Staff | Dispatch | Finance | Logistics | Operations | Planning | Prescribed Fire | Prevention & Investigation

Position Code PMS# Position Task Book Primary Committee Maintained By Date Published
COMP, PROC, TIME 311-47 Compensation/Claims Unit Leader, Procurement Unit Leader, Time Unit Leader IBC Incident Business Committee 2016-10
COST 311-48 Cost Unit Leader IBC Incident Business Committee 2009-06
FSC3 311-50 Finance Section Chief Type 3 IBC Incident Business Committee 2017-10
FSCC 311-146 Finance/Administration Section Chief Complex IBC Incident Business Committee 2023-01
FSC1 311-46 Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 1 IBC Incident Business Committee 2023-02
INBA 311-65 Incident Business Advisor IBC Incident Business Committee 2014-10
ICPI 311-49 Incident Contract Project Inspector IBC Incident Business Committee 2012-10
PTRC, EQTR, CMSY 311-51 Personnel Time Recorder, Equipment Time Recorder, Commissary Manager IBC Incident Business Committee 2016-10