NWCG Training Catalog

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NWCG training supports position performance for personnel mobilized to wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents. Click on a title below for description, delivery information, and access to course materials.

Training by category:
Aviation | Command | Dispatch | Finance | Investigation | Leadership | Logistics | Management | Operations | Planning | Prescribed Fire | Prevention

Non-IQCS courses including Firefighter Math, Investigating Railroad Caused Wildfires, Mountain Flying Training, Working with ESF #4 on Stafford Act Incidents: Command & General Staff, and Working with ESF #4 on Stafford Act Incidents: Incident Resources, are also available.

NWCG is making training courses available for download.
Courses currently available for download: S-131 | S-190 | S-200 | S-212 | S-230 | S-260 | S-290.
Courses that will be made available in the next few weeks: L-180 | L-280 | S-203 | S-211 | S-215 | S-270 | S-271 | S-300 | P-310.

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