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Delivery Requirements

NWCG courses are designed to be delivered in a nationally distributed manner; they are generally delivered locally (entry level courses), geographically (mid-level courses), and nationally (advanced level courses).

NWCG courses are delivered by instructors who are qualified and experienced in the subject matter areas being taught.

The primary NWCG course delivery requirement is to achieve the established instructional objectives. To do this, the following must occur.

Instructors must meet established qualification requirements

NWCG has established general and course-specific instructor qualifications requirements for Lead, Unit, and Adjunct Instructors. Course-specific instructor requirements are stated on each course page. General instructor requirements are stated at

Modifications must not compromise instructional objectives 

Lead instructors are encouraged to enhance course materials to reflect the unique conditions, resources, and practices of the local unit. Exercises may be modified to reflect local fuel types, resources, and conditions. Test questions pertinent to these modifications may augment (but not replace) the test questions in the certified course materials. However, established course and unit instructional objectives must be achieved.

Minimum course hours must be met

These hours represent the time necessary to fully present NWCG course materials. They include time for set-up, breaks, lunch periods, field exercises, and simulations. Recommended course hours may vary slightly due to factors such as number of students, types and complexity of course activities, and the addition of local materials, but they should not vary significantly.

Testing standards must be met

The minimum passing score for an NWCG course is 70 percent. Evaluation criteria for each course are provided in the course instructor guide. The score is based on the final exam unless otherwise stated; some courses use other course components (pre-course tests, unit tests, class participation) to establish the final score. Only the questions in the certified course materials, not locally augmented questions, may be used to establish test grades and determine successful/unsuccessful course completion.

Certificates must be issued for successful course completion.

Students who successfully complete member agency-sponsored NWCG courses will receive a NWCG course certificate. Educational institutions, contractor associations, and non-member agencies may issue NWCG course certificates if  1) their lead instructor is an authorized representative of an NWCG member agency or, 2) they have a formal agreement established with a NWCG member agency. All students are encouraged to keep their course certificates as proof of attendance.



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