G-330, Wildland Training (STEN) for Structural Firefighters

G-231 Decorative banner. Three photos of wildland fire engine operations.

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Unit/TopicLearning ObjectiveMaterials
G-330: Introduction
  1. Introduce course coordinator, instructors and students.
  2. Discuss course logistics.
  3. Provide a course overview.
  4. Discuss course expectations.
  5. Identify course reference materials.
  6. Discuss position responsibilities.
  7. Explain where the course fits in the Gap course curriculum and the NWCG credentialing system.

S-330 Unit 0, Sep 2014 version, (.5 hrs)

G-330 Unit 1: Tactical Engagement
  1. Demonstrate the ability to receive and provide an operational briefing.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to manage assigned resources utilizing the Incident Response Pocket Guide Risk Management Process in the exercises.
  3. List the factors required to establish and maintain communications with adjoining forces, your supervisor, and assigned resources.
  4. Demonstrate the use of field reference guides during tactical decision-making exercises.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to modify the tactical plan.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to lead an after action review (AAR).
  7. List the responsibilities to complete at the end of engagement.

S-330 Unit 3, Sep 2014 version, (7 hrs)

G-330 Unit 2: Structure Triage
  1. List the four structure triage categories and the four items in the decision process.
  2. List five factors upon which to base structure triage decisions, and give three examples of each.
  3. List conditions that may indicate that a structure cannot be saved.

S-131 Unit 1, Oct 2016 version, (1 hr)‚Äč

G-330 Unit 3: Tactical Operations and Resource Use in the Interface
  1. Identify tactics employed in confronting a fire at a structure.
  2. List tactical uses of different resources at an interface incident.
  3. Given a firing operation in the interface, list methods used to protect structures.

S-215 Unit 8, June 2013 version, (1 hr)

G-330: Final Exam


S-215 Final Exam, June 2013 version

S-330 Final Exam, Sep 2014 version


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