IE Pop-up Blocker Settings

Before logging into NFA Online, your Internet Explorer (IE) browser must be set to allow pop-ups from NFA Online. Follow the steps below to set your browse Pop-up Blocker settings:

Step 1: In IE select "Tools" from the menu bar and select "Pop-up Blocker" from the drop-down and then select "Pop-up Blocker Settings".

Note 1: If you do not see the "Menu Bar" press the "Alt" key for it to display.

Note 2: If the "Pop-up Blocker Settings" option is grayed out, turn pop-up blocker "On" and then repeat step 1.

IE browser instructions to turn off Pop-up Blocker.

Step 2: Place your cursor in the "Address of website to allow:" field.

Add website to Pop-up blocker "Allowed sites".

Step 3: Type "" and select the "Add" button.

Add to "Allowed sites".

Step 4: Verify that "" was added and select the "Close" button.

Verify the website was added and close.


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