L-380, Fireline Leadership, 2005

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This is a leadership development training recommendation for unit supervisors. The training should be designed to provide at least 50% of the delivery time as exercises and simulations. Some approved course packages may be arduous in nature. Low student-to-instructor ratios are necessary for successful exercise/simulation-based training delivery. A dedicated cadre of at least three instructors is recommended for a class size of 20-25 students.


The NWCG Leadership Committee has oversight and maintenance responsibility for the L-380 criteria and evaluation process. However, the delivery process used to meet this training recommendation will need to be determined by the hosting agency. Specific course information can be found at the Wildland Fire Leadership website at https://www.nwcg.gov/wfldp.

Selected course material should address these topics:

  • Application of leadership styles
  • Communicating vision and intent
  • Team building
  • Detecting operational error
  • Managing stress


  • The intent of this training recommendation is to provide unit supervisors with the tools to build and maintain effective and cohesive crews/teams.

Target Group

Personnel desiring to be qualified as Strike Team Leader or unit leader.


L-380 is available as classroom instructor-led training.

Course Components and Hours to Complete

Course ComponentCourse Time
Pre-course work8
Pre-selection assessmentN/A
Online trainingN/A
Instructor-led training32
Total Hours40

Session Offerings

Nationally advertised course sessions can be found by searching for L-380 on the National Wildland Fire Training website. Contact your local Training Officer for more information about local course sessions.

Prerequisite Qualifications and Training

  • Incident personnel with supervisory responsibilities. Successful completion of L-180, Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service.
  • Satisfactory completion of pre-course work.

Course Level

Regional, state, or area

Associated Position Task Books

Information not available at this time.



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