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This is a continuing education opportunity available to senior fire management leaders. The intent is to foster exchange of knowledge and experience in the art of leading during high-risk and complex incidents.

THIS IS NOT A COURSE PACKAGE AVAILABLE FROM THE NWCG PRODUCTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Specific course information can be found at the Wildland Fire Leadership website https://nwcg.gov/wfldp.

NAFRI is the coordinator for the L-580 events. Specific delivery information can be obtained from the NAFRI L-580 Course Coordinator at https://www.nafri.gov/.

Selected course materials should address these topics:

  • Focus on leadership actions, decision-making, and critical thinking at the strategic level
  • Include structured facilitation of interactive group discussions and/or activities
  • Involve pre- and/or post-study activities related to the specific event


  • L-580 provides senior-level leaders with a variety of L-580 Steering Committee-approved continuing education opportunities that complement other Incident Management Organization training.

Target Group

Senior-level leaders and decision makers, including, but not restricted to, Agency Administrators and Incident Management Organizations (Type 1, Type 2, Area Command, and NIMO).


L-580 is available as classroom instructor-led training.

Course Components and Hours to Complete

Course ComponentCourse Time
Pre-course workVaries
Pre-selection assessmentN/A
Online trainingN/A
Instructor-led trainingVaries
Total HoursVaries

Session Offerings

Nationally advertised course sessions can be found by searching for L-580 on the National Wildland Fire Training website. Contact your local Training Officer for more information about local course sessions.

Prerequisite Qualifications and Training

  • Previous attendance at other L-courses is highly recommended.
  • Satisfactory completion of pre-course work.

Course Level


Associated Position Task Books

Information not available at this time.


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