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NWCG training supports position performance for personnel mobilized to wildland fires and other all-hazard incidents.

Training by category:

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Instructor-Led Courses Available For Order (NFES)

These courses are designed for instructor-led delivery. This enables dynamic, face-to-face, interaction among students and experienced practitioners, and enhances the learning experience. Instructors intending to deliver these courses should order course materials from the NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalog - Part 2: Publications, PMS 449-2, or the Catalogs and Ordering Information page.

NWCG intends to make all training and performance support content freely available from the website so it is fully interconnected, easily accessible, and can readily serve as reference material for students and practitioners. This effort is ongoing.

# Title Steward Required For Certification Date Key Words
D-310 Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher NCSC 2016-04 Pre-course work
D-311 Initial Attack Dispatcher NCSC 2005-05
D-312 Aircraft Dispatcher NCSC 2009-06 Pre-course work
FI-210 Wildland Fire Origin & Cause Determination WFISC INVF 2016-04 Pre-course work
M-410 Facilitative Instructor TDC 2013-03 Pre-course work
P-301 Fire Prevention Education 2 CEPC 2010-08
P-410 Fire Prevention Education Team Leader FPETSC 2008-01
RT-273 Single Engine Air Tanker Manager Workshop SEATB SEMG-Triennial N/A
RT-340 HRSP Refresher Workshop HRSPU HRSP-Triennial N/A
RT-372 Helicopter Manager Workshop IHOPS HMGB-Triennial N/A
RT-373 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Incident Operations Refresher IFUASS UASL-Triennial, UASM-Triennial, UASP-Triennial N/A
RT-378 Air Tactical Group Supervisor Refresher IASS ATGS-Triennial N/A
RX-310 Introduction to Fire Effects FMC 2017-06 Pre-course work
RX-410 Smoke Management Techniques SmoC 2003-09 Pre-course work
S-219 Firing Operations FMC 2014-08 Blended course work
S-236 Heavy Equipment Boss (Single Resource) IOSC 2013-06 Pre-course work
S-244 Field Observer IPS 2007-07 Pre-course work
S-245 Display Processor IPS 2007-07 Pre-course work
S-258 Incident Communications Technician ILSC 2002-02
S-261 Applied Interagency Incident Business Management IBC 2014-08
S-262 Incident Contractor Project Inspector IBC 2016-10
S-273 Single Engine Airtanker Manager IABS SEMG 2011-08 Blended course work
S-354 Facilities Unit Leader ILSC 2009-02
S-355 Ground Support Unit Leader ILSC 2000-10
S-358 Communications Unit Leader ILSC 2008-12
S-373 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Incident Operations IFUASS UASP 2018-06
S-375 Air Support Group Supervisor NIAC 2006-08 Pre-course work
S-404 Safety Officer RMC 2013-03 Pre-course work
S-430 Operations Section Chief IOSC 2006-02
S-440 Planning Section Chief IPS 2001-10 Pre-course work
S-443 Infrared Interpreter for Incident Management S443CSC N/A
S-445 Incident Training Specialist IPS 2009-04 Pre-course work
S-481 Incident Business Advisor IBC 2014-08
S-490 Advanced Fire Behavior Calculations FBCMU FBAN, LTAN, RXB1 2010-08 Pre-course work

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