RT-273, Single Engine Airtanker Manager Workshop, N/A

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The Single Engine Airtanker Manager (SEMG) workshop is designed to provide the attendee with current policy revisions, technical updates, changes in reference materials and operational procedures, and an overall review of safety and security issues associated with the single engine airtanker program.


  • Review the duties and responsibilities of the SEMG.
  • Use risk management techniques to perform tasks safely.
  • Update and maintain SEAT management skills.
  • Understand changes to aviation policy and how they apply to SEAT management.
  • Review changes in the retardant contract, approved products list, and updates with the quality assurance program.

Target Group

Qualified and trainee SEMG.

Prerequisite Qualifications and Training

Qualified or trainee as Single Engine Airtanker Manager (SEMG).

Session Offerings

Sessions of this course may be available in the NWCG Wildland Fire Learning Portal (WFLP). Enrollment requires an account. Log on as a guest to search for session offerings of this course and to view other public content. To search for a specific course, use the FIND LEARNING menu at the top of the page, then select UPCOMING COURSES. To view Geographic Area training schedules, select the specific GEOGRAPHIC AREA information using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Contact your local Training Officer for more information about local course sessions.



RT-273 is available as classroom instructor-led training.

Course Components and Hours to Complete

Course Component Course Time
Pre-course work N/A
Pre-selection assessment N/A
Online training N/A
Instructor-led training 12-16
Total Hours 12-16

Course Level


Core elements of a Refresher will include the following:

National Season Review

This section generally covers year end statistical information like total flight hours, gallons delivered, contracts awarded, CWN/Exclusive Use stats, highlights of what worked well during the season, and areas needing improvement.

New Year Outlook

This section generally covers any new technical updates, new contract numbers, new long and short- term program changes.

AMD Contracting Updates

This section lists the tentative changes that will be made to both the CWN and Exclusive Use contracts. Field Manager’s Course Guide 55 of 142

NWCG Standards for Single Engine Airtanker Operations Updates

The section covers the revisions in policy for the new NWCG Standards for Single Engine Airtanker Operations, PMS 506.

Reference Material Updates

This section covers any new updates, changes, additions to any of the reference materials designed for the SEAT program like NWCG Standards for Single Engine Airtanker Operations, PMS 506, BLM National SEAT website, SEMG Workshop Refresher training.

Safety Review

This section covers a summary of SAFECOMS that were filed pertaining to SEAT operations, any Safety Alert or Bulletins issued for the SEAT program, and highlights of any safety concerns or issues that surfaced within the season.

Security Review

This section covers any new developments with security and airspace issues that were identified within the season.

Retardant Review

This section covers any information about new technology or developments with the retardant industry, reviews the approved products list, and provides updates about the retardant contract and quality assurance program.

Additional Suggested Topics

In addition to the required elements, the following subjects that can be worked into the workshop if applicable:

  • Local Updates, Concerns, Issues
  • Geographical Updates, Concerns, Issues
  • Individual Agencies or Base Reviews

Flexibility should be encouraged within these topics to meet geographic and audience needs. This refresher shall be designed to provide discussion and information sharing based on the identified topics. The agenda should be revisited annually and be dynamic. Presenters should include, but not limited to Interagency, National, Regional, State and Local instructors involving aviation positions such as SEAT Coordinators, Dispatch, Training, and Unit Aviation Managers.

Minimum Instructor Qualifications

Lead and unit instructors must be current or previously qualified as Single Engine Airtanker Manager (SEMG).

See NWCG Standards for Course Delivery, PMS 901-1, Instructor Standards for more information.


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Air Operations
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